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On with the broadband multimedia (now first media) melodrama. Don't they ever learn?

Starting Sept 2007, Broadband Multimedia (see my long review about it) changed its name to First Media (apparently to “get rid” of their bloody past & start anew), and invested US$650 million for the new services, primarily FastNet. It looks promising with the new offer: fast & cheap internet. But we'll see if they could maintain good internet service with their extremely lousy customer service, especially with the high demands.

In fact, as much as I wanted to try the seemingly fast internet (up to 3 mbps), I got myself to think over and over again if it's worth the effort to try. Especially after reading the reviews found at these places:

From reading the fourth link above, FastNet looks bad even before the service starts. It may be fast at first, but with so many new customers signing up, I’m sure it will be quite a short time before everything starts to slow down. Lots of new users = bandwidth has to be shared even much more = slower internet? We’ll see about that.

But most importantly, don't they learn that the most important thing to a successful business is the customer service? If they changed the name, without improving the customer service, everything will turn out bad in the end. It's useless. It's a waste of money, a $650 million, no less! And finally it will just become a "too good to be true" tale: a fast & cheap internet in Indonesia, that is. One could only wish, right?

Nevertheless, I still want to try it, maybe for a month or two. Without closing my Speedy connection, of course. I cannot rely on FastNet alone, for anything could happen. Remember the horror of 2 weeks being without internet!

Ultimately, and actually it's my wish, I sure hope - with the new competition - Speedy will lower its price & upgrade the bandwidth very soon *crosses fingers*

If that happens, it will be a good improvement in developing this waaaay underdeveloped country & breaking the monopoly business. Whether Indonesia is ready for that... we shall see.
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Oh, I'm SO glad I'm not the only one with this ultimately sucky experience with Kabelvision!
Just read Mr. Ong's kabelvision story @ Unspun blog or Golda's great kabelvision disappointment @ diary of golda. I totally can relate.

Here's my story:


Sorry this is so long >_<
Just thought I could warn future Kabelvision / Digital 1 / MyNet (Broadband Multimedia) customers.

Bottom line: Go switch to Telkom Speedy quick! You'll be thankful at the end of the day.


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