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elyse: (sweet days: blue girl)

sugarloaf ♥ express

✿ excuse me while I kiss the sky ✿

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Created on 2009-05-01 07:30:49 (#151767), last updated 2009-07-11 (432 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Jul 8

Hello! This is Elyse *waves*
My online persona is also called [ profile] lisette.
As usual, I love to procrastinate and neglect my sites, as I'm always browsing endlessly whenever I'm in front of the computer, thus ignoring all updating necessities.

I used to own, but things happened for the best, so bye bye! *sniffs sniffs*
LJ friends: if you happen to be on DW, please do add me & message me.

I love to enjoy life to the fullest, travel extensively, capture everything in my camera, and watch jdramas. Japan is my passion, and so is design. I'm also a web 2.0's slave.



Friendly note:
Sensitive entries are friends-locked to protect myself and involved parties :)
Friend me anytime...


Interests (82):

ai yazawa, akanishi jin, angel heart, arashi, bakanishi, bath & body works, blackberry, bmw, boston, broadway musicals, cacharel spring 2001, christmas, cirque du soleil, city hunter, coffee, crème brulée, desafinado, disneyland, domoto koichi, dorama, erik (the phantom), fleur de lis, foie gras with truffles, france, fujiki naohito, garfield, golf, hyun bin, ikuta toma, japan, jdorama, jdramas, kashiwabara takashi, kassy, kat-tun, kimono print, l'occitane, lomography, maison ikkoku, manhattan, mini cooper, narumi kakinouchi, new york afternoon, news, nodame cantabile, nougat ice cream, ocean's eleven, ossetra caviar, paradise kiss, paul frank industries, piano, pin, royce chocolate, sakura, sex and the city, shabu shabu, sherlock holmes, snoopy, sony design, the aftertaste of mint, the sound of music, thomas kinkade's paintings, tiffany & co, tokyo, v6, vatican: the holy see, white mint sorbet, yamapi, yamashita tomohisa, yoox, yuya tegoshi, , , 堂本光一, 山下智久, , 手越祐也, 柏原崇, 生田斗真, 藤木直人, 赤西仁, 현빈
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