May. 2nd, 2010 04:13 am
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Well, hello!
[ profile] lisette です✿

I've successfully registered DW, imported my LJ, and configured this and that a little bit.
I might be crossposting in the future. But for now I'll be at LJ.

LJ friends in DW: please add me here ^^
([personal profile] lisette is also myself, but this is my main DW account)

Well then...
Back to LJ! xD
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Snatched from [ profile] suketeru  ♥

Rules and Guidelines:

o1. I watch 100 movies & dorama or more in 2009.
o2. I keep track of how many I watch in this post.
o3. I only record first-time movies or dorama.
o4. If you want to recommend any movies to me, go for it. (I'll pin this entry on the top of my LJ until 2009 ends ^^)

Movies & dorama watched in 2009:

oo1. Connected (January) ~ download
oo2. Celeb To Binbo Taro (January)
oo3. Maou (January) ♥
oo4. Voice (February) ♥
oo5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (February) ♥
oo6. Push (March)
oo7. The Shinjuku Incident (April)
oo8. Knowing (April)
oo9. The International (May)
o10. Wolverine (May) ♥
o11. Watchmen (May)
o12. Arn: The Knight Templar (May) ♥
o13. Maison Ikkoku (May) ♥

[♥ --> I highly recommend these movies/dorama.]

PS: At this rate, I'll only reach no more than 50 by the end of the year! :P
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Who still needs a Dreamwidth invite?

I have 5 DW invite codes ready to be given out to the first five persons who comment in this post ^^ Don't forget to include your email address when commenting.
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Reality struck me as the clock turns 00.00 on July 8th:

I'M 30 YEARS OLD, starting TODAY! (*゜ロ゜);

But... as the saying goes... "Life begins at 30", so I'm just gonna enjoy myself for the next 10 years and say the same thing all over again when I reach 40: "Life begins at 40"! *LOL*

[ profile] utaoutao made me a very nice drawing of Jin wishing me a happy birthday! ~~~ヾ(^∇^)
ありがとうございます ピナちゃん~
\(^ ^)/

So, without large fonts and sparkly colorful background (like I did to Jin's birthday post below):

Happy Birthday to myself!

I fall down, but I get up again.
I lose faith in people.... and I start trusting all over again.

The cycle never ends.... but I know God's love will always fill me up whenever I'm at the bottom of the cycle.
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お誕生日おめでとう, 仁!

Keep being a Bakanishi, although you're already a quarter of a century! ヽ(〃'▽'〃)ノ☆゚'・

Cool Jin, Fedora Jin, and Evil Jin FTW! ヾ(●≧▽≦●)ノ


And Happy Independence Day to Americans! ヽ(〃^-^)/
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When was the last time you stayed up all night? What were you doing?

Um.... last night? *lol* xD
Some of you already know that I'm nocturnal, so yes I stay up all night (almost) EVERYDAY (^∇^) I go to bed when the sun rises. That's my original body clock since birth *nods nods*

As for what I'm doing every night...
Well, the usual activities one usually does after working hours, including: finishing up work, fangirling & flailing, watching dorama, chatting, emailing, browsing, reading, downloading (mostly videos), having intimate conversation with Dad, talking to mom, etc. It's so much more comfortable doing all those in the silence of the night in my own private space with no one bugging me! Yes, I really came to love the night ♥

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When you have to study or get work done, what music (if any) do you put on to help you concentrate?

You might be surprised with my answer, coming from someone with a strong music background throughout her whole life.

I don't listen to ANY music while I study or get work done. In fact, if my ears catch the sound of music playing, be it in the background or not, I can't really concentrate and thus can't study or get work done! I might even move to a peaceful place with NO MUSIC at all so I can concentrate better and resume my work/study. I just love silence too much! (That's why I love the night ^^)

I know that's really weird, because music has been a huge part of my life until now. I played the classical piano since 5 years old, non-stop until I graduated high school and went to university. I was introduced to jazz in univ & have since become an avid jazz aficionado until today. My work since 2003 is very much music-related (I'm a music organizer). So I've never been apart from music since I was 5, but I can't listen to music while also doing important things! I think I know why, though. It's because of my deep music influence... that if I hear the faintest music playing, my mind would focus on music instead of what I'm doing xD

My ears are very sensitive, so I can catch the slightest sound of music playing in the far background and can focus on it right away. That's why, whenever I need to concentrate on something very serious (& esp. to get important work done), I really despise it if someone ignorantly plays music (esp. if the music is not to my liking!) without considering that it could be annoying to others.

Bottom line is: I love music so much and it's a huge part of my life. But I'm very picky in what I consider GREAT music! So I don't appreciate if anyone puts music loudly in private areas (unless that area is yours to begin with, like in your car, your house, etc) & thus in a way forcing everyone to hear it. Same thing with websites that have music playing automatically without the option to mute it! Thanks, but I'm not interested in your music! >_<


Jun. 23rd, 2009 06:28 am
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Snatched from [ profile] nomanymore :3

♥ If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal ♥

You know who you are! *hugs* (^_^)
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An explanation of my journal entries, because some of you might wonder why I do it the other way around! (i.e. many of you unlock the fangirling entries & lock personal entries, but I tend to do it the other way around *lol*)

★ General & some personal entries are unlocked, because I have non-LJ friends who sometimes read this journal *waves to non-LJ friends: hellooo~~ xD*

★ Fangirling entries are mostly friends-locked, because my non-LJ friends don't have any passion for... uh... fangirling & stuff so this way my journal looks neat & uncluttered without much fangirling entries! :D

★ Some very private entries are custom-friends-locked, because I do have secrets, too, you know :D And I only make them visible to a custom group of friends, which are very few of you.

So yup... that's how my journal goes.
Lately I see myself locking many more entries than I have ever before... does that mean I'm becoming more private and introvert? xD
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This (techie?) conversation happened a few hours ago.

I was explaining about how people are (stupidly) comparing Twitter vs Facebook (which TOTALLY CAN'T BE COMPARED BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT THE SAME!!! >_<) to my bro, when suddenly:

Mom: "What is Twitter?"
Me: "It's a microblog."
Mom: "What's a microblog?"
Me: "Do you even know what a blog is?"
Mom: "No xD"
Me: "Wellll... ummm... a blog is like a journal. You write updates about yourself or anything of your interest and the whole world can read it."
Mom: "It's more like a diary, then."
Me: "Not really.. it's more like an online journal..."
Mom: "OK."
Me: "Now, Twitter is a microblog. You understand what micro means, right? So it's basically a very-short form of online journal. You write updates about anything, only in 140 characters. Then people will follow you if your updates are interesting. So it's a matter of how presentable to the world your updates are."


Mom: "What's the difference between Twitter and Youtube?"
Me: ................ OTZ
Me: "Do you even know what Youtube is?"
Mom: "No =P" *innocently*
Me: "Well, the question should've been: 'What is Youtube?' And don't compare it to anything else if you don't know what it is!" >_<

My mom has always been curious whenever she heard all those internet lingo I've been speaking to her or in front of her :P She always asked what is this, what is that, and sometimes her questions were so..... ignorant & illiterate that I didn't even know how to explain!
But thank God, although she's heard of Facebook oh so many times, she would NEVER join Facebook! Actually I forbid her from using Facebook altogether! xD *evil laugh*
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The things I need to do, starting from now!

Re-manage my LJ tags! They really need reorganizing & regrouping / recategorizing. Too many & too cluttered! I find it hard to search for an entry with the messy tags >_<

★ Share less. As much as I wanna share more, I've been too carefree with my sharings lately, I really should stop doing so! It might be a boomerang to me in the end. I have to control my expressiveness and extroversion in this case!

★ When I do share, though, I really must be extra careful with my words. It's been proven true, based on my experience in my whole life, and especially during the last few weeks, that people generally are either afraid of the harsh reality / truth, or they're simply just being defensive or blatantly refuse/reject them.

★ Don't trust anyone too much. Again, I've been too carefree with my trust lately, it's just gonna be a boomerang in the end.

★ Maintain a better relationship with Father, much better than I've been doing :)

★ Worry not about the cross, the future, the destruction, the whatever bad things in my visions, until they really do happen (although it might be too late then, but oh well. I have to try to live like a normal person! -_-;;).

★ Enjoy my life with the (very few) ones who really care about me, sincerely and unfakingly. I really should cherish them for being true to themselves and me :3

Let this reminder be my early birthday resolution, exactly 1 month before my 30th birthday ^^
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How many languages do you speak?

Fluently? Only 2: Indonesian & English.
I can speak regular Javanese, although not too fluent.

In the past, I learned French, Mandarin, and Japanese. I could speak those languages a little bit when I was still learning them. But since I don't practice them anymore... I totally lost my ability to speak them! >_< Well, unless for the very few commonly used words, such as: je ne parle pas français, 再见, or とてもおいしいかった (^∇^)

I wanna learn French and Japanese again...!
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How many different places (cities, houses, apartments, dorm rooms, etc.) have you lived in? Which is your favorite? And your least favorite?

  • I was born in Semarang and lived there (in my grandma's house) until I was about 20 months old.
  • My family and I moved to Jakarta in 1981, living in a house in Cengkareng, West Jakarta.
  • We moved again to another house in South Jakarta in 1991 and lived there until I graduated high school in 1997.
  • I went to the US of A for university at Penn State. The city is called State College, but the university area is called University Park. Weird, I know, since University Park is basically INSIDE State College! For the first year, I lived in dorms. The first 6 months, I stayed at Wolf Hall (in Pollock Halls). And the next 6 months at Runkle Hall (in North Halls). I love Runkle Hall better than Wolf Hall, albeit smaller. Runkle Hall felt more intimate :3
  • I despised living on campus because I had to share with a roommate (whom I couldn't choose myself coz it was randomly assigned!), so I moved to an apartment on my sophomore year. I lived in a 2-bedroom apartment at Beaver Terrace with a very nice Indonesian friend. I lived there for 3 years, until univ graduation in 2001. My bedroom is SO BIG that my Indonesian friends loved to hangout at my apartment and infiltrate my bedroom xD
  • Upon graduation, I moved to Southern California for work. For the first 1 month, I rented a room in a house (in Irvine, CA) owned by an Indonesian senior couple, but since I didn't like the couple AND the room, I mostly stayed at my (then) boyfriend's apartment (Las Palmas in Irvine). Then, in an effort to cut paying for an empty room that I didn't use anyway, I moved to my (then) boyfriend's apartment for two months, while also searching for an apartment / room nearby.
  • My mom's friend's friend (a senior Indonesian couple) offered me to rent a room in their daughter's (empty) townhouse at La Habra, CA. The townhouse for rent was next to the senior couple's townhouse. So I rented the smaller bedroom on the second floor (the master bedroom wasn't for rent since it was reserved for whenever their daughter & grandchildren came to the US -- they were living in Indonesia at that time). What I really love was: most of the time I had the whole townhouse for myself! xD xD I lived there for 11 months.
  • Since I was going to take a professional degree in UCLA, I decided to move to Pasadena, CA, so that the commute wouldn't be too long. I chose a one bedroom loft at Alexan City Place. I rented this apartment for 6 months, but I only happened to stay there for a month, because I went home (to Indonesia) on Oct 2002 to apply for student visa for my UCLA degree. Guess what: the application was rejected.... twice! ヾ(。`Д´。)ノ  So I was stuck in Indonesia for good and the apartment was left empty for the remaining 5 months! [○・`Д´・○]
  • Thus, I have since lived in Jakarta for good (since Oct 2002) at my parents' South Jakarta house until today.

My favorite is Alexan City Place at Pasadena.... although I lived there for the shortest time!
The apartment is sooo nice (and new! -- when I moved there, it was like only a month old) and spacious (it has a loft, too!) and modern, totally my favorite type of apartment!

My second favorite is the townhouse at La Habra. The place is so so (not new, not modern), but I can have the whole townhouse for myself, most of the time ^^ The bedrooms are upstairs. Downstairs you'll find the living room, dining room, and kitchen. It's really nice, it feels very homey.

My least favorite gotta be the dorms! No matter how nice a dorm could be... a dorm is a dorm! x_X You can't have your own space (or maybe you could, but still.... it's a dorm!), and usually the bathroom is shared. I just don't like sharing my private space *lol* Ooh, not to forget all the dorm rules! Being a nocturnal that I am, it's really hard to abide by the rules (esp. the one where you can't talk on the phone after midnight outside of your room. Well I didn't wanna bother my roommate who was sleeping, but I also wanted to talk to my (then) boyfriend so I had to go outside and whispered on the phone! And I always got scolded because of that -_-). I just HAVE to have my own space, without having to worry whether I would bother people with my weird sleep cycle, and vice versa.

However, after trying both houses and apartments... I like living in a house better, esp. because it's much more spacious (I'm a bit claustrophobic) and it feels more private.
Those are the keys of my life: privacy & space! xD
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It's been 10 days I haven't written in LJ *pokes self*
Laziness has overcome my writing desire lately.

Here's my upcoming dorama watchlist download list this summer!
(from Jdrama Weblog & DramaWiki at D-Addicts)

  • MW Dai-0-sho (Hiroshi Tamaki)
  • Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide (Ryo Nishikido, Ryosuke Yamada)

Honestly, though, the list doesn't look so good. But on the good side, it might save my external harddisk from exploding from too much dorama downloads! *lol*
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*random rambling mode: ON*

Gyaaa, what's up with this Jin vs Tego rumor & especially the icon wars going on in both [ profile] kattunlove and [ profile] news_jpop these past 2 days! It's only a funny/silly rumor to be laughed at, so just stop it already! >_<

And no, I'm not taking sides, coz I love both of them for their beautiful voices ♥
That's my greatest weakness by the way: I adore anyone (cute or handsome alike) with GREAT singing voice! ^^

Confession: I'm addicted to karaoke too much lately, it's not healthy!
I just had one with Vero today (YES, AGAIN!)! xD Doremido is 50% off on weekdays between the hours of 10am to 4pm, so we wanted to take advantage of that.

Oh! The nyonya lunch set at Sing Sing Ramen is pretty good! The set consists of small ramen (you can choose whichever taste you like), rice with either shirashu or something else (I forgot what the choices are), yaki gyoza (not pictured), 2 flavors of mini ice cream (not pictured), and free refill of oolong tea / ocha.

sing sing ramen (by elyse.)

I told the Doremido staff today to download new songs to their DAM machines. I even gave them the list of songs (and song numbers I got from ClubDAM) I especially wanted them to download (hint: KAT-TUN's newest album! :D). I hope they'll do it soon ^^

*rambling mode: OFF & goes to bed*

Yes, really! (^○^)
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Just had another karaoke session with [ profile] nefretiriii last weekend and found two great things!

The first is our dinner at Marufuku (inside Plaza Melawai complex). OMG, it's SO HEAVENLY GOOD and worth the money so much that I'm coming back again tonight! xD Everything is delicious, from the sushi to the shabu shabu Maezawa beef! :9 とてもおいしいかったよ!

shabu shabu maezawa beef :9 (by elyse.)
Taken by my BB Bold camera, so not of the greatest quality, obviously. But it looks good nonetheless! :9

In my last karaoke entry, I wrote that Doremido is missing J-songs from mid 2006 - mid 2008. Apparently I was wrong! It started from me getting bored of singing the same songs I had been singing in all of my previous karaoke sessions. Thus I was trying to find KAT-TUN songs I just heard / gotten myself familiar with from the Queen of Pirates Concert I watched the day before, using DAM remote with the most complete song database. I now can do a search by myself using the remote, YAY! xD

Turned out, I found so many songs from mid 2006 - mid 2008!! However, some of the songs can't be played (I guess Doremido either missed those songs or deliberately didn't download them). Two songs I had wanted to sing aren't there: Mother/Father (KAT-TUN) and Voice Link (Fujiki Naohito). But the other 10 or so songs are there, so I'm happy! o(>▽<)o

After I got back home, I stumbled upon a blog that gives a link to DAM complete song database. Oooh, that really helps a lot! Now I can search for song numbers before karaoke sessions, which will save a lot of time previously spent for searching the songs, YAY! ☆(^○^)☆
This DAM machine system is really slick! Wherever you are, if the J-karaoke place you go is using the DAM system, the song numbers will always be the same. So nifty and helpful, indeed, especially when I go to Japan again one day and have karaoke sessions there! xD I could just input the song numbers directly~~~!!

This weekend, [ profile] utaoutao is coming to Jakarta again & of course we're gonna have another 日本 night: karaoke & GOOD food! (^∇^)♪

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I really should be sleeping, but after a marathon of watching KAT-TUN Queen of Pirates Concert, I got adrenalin rush instead! xD

I want to highlight a couple of things from this awesome concert (I wish I were there! But have I been a Jin fangirl during this concert last year? I think I haven't or just barely started!):

1. Jin dear, you didn't have to remind your fans how great your voice is, really! 
Poor him, he was already so tired from dancing oh so sexily in Love Juice, but then he sang the opening of Bokura no Machi de acappella and WITHOUT MICROPHONE, OMG!!! ♥♥♥

Do see this, you'll be in awe of how awesome his raw voice is!!!
(Turn your speaker volume up when he took off his microphone)

2. Jin's dance on Love Juice is 100% YUMMY! No, really. I've always loved to see him putting so much effort in his dance. And Love Juice is where you can see his 100% effort! No wonder he was panting so much after that song. And yet, he pushed himself to the max by singing Bokura no Machi de (see above) without a microphone!!! ♥_♥
Btw, I don't particularly like moon walk dance, but when it's Jin who did it.... it's just ラブ!

3. Yamapi (the special guest) really didn't wanna be more than 2 metres away from Jin, AWWWW! Mabudachi rabu! xD They kept gazing into each other, toooo! *glomps them both* I really love their friendship! ♥
Btw, Yamapi was following Jin wherever he went, as if he didn't know what to do if Jin wasn't there! xD I find it too funny, Pi's just like a puppy *lol*

4. Pi has always been a very polite person, and thus he failed while trying to be like KAT-TUN (read: using slang much) :D

5. As much as I like Jin speaking English, his swore during Six Senses is a bit... um... inappropriate >_< But I forgave him immediately after his sexy dance in the middle of the song! xD

6. Ueda sang Mother/Father very nicely. But I might be biased since Mother/Father is my ichiban daisuki KAT-TUN song!

7. A lot of shouting! I wonder how they managed to maintain their voice for the next day's performance (although this DVD was the last day of their concerts in Tokyo Dome, but I'm sure they had been shouting much in the previous days of concerts, as well!).
But I love to see Yamapi shouting for a change. He's always sooo well behaved in NEWS! I wanna see him breaking out all the politeness for once xD

8. I fell in love with Crazy Love all over again after watching this! On the second line, in the word "nani mo", Jin sounded like he was about to cry ;_;
I know a friend whose love story is reflected pretty accurately in this song, so I dedicate this song for him & his ex-girlfriend :) It was a sad love story, though. Crazy Love is the correct title, methinks ^^

As you might expect, coming from a Jin fan like me, the highlights that I remember are (almost) all about Jin (and Yamapi)! xD

Download the full concert from here (MQ) or here (HQ).
The subtitles can be found here.

For more detailed review (with screencaps), check this post!

Credits: [ profile] jone_records, [profile] jin_no_yume, [ profile] pinkujisatsu, [ profile] newshfan, [ profile] ihearyourtears 
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Finished setting up my Dreamwidth account. I actually spent the whole night doing this!
(While also checking this and that, as well as listening and singing along to KAT-TUN's newest album and admiring Jin's voice, as always *lol* xD)

My LJ entries are all imported on DW, complete with the comments, tags, custom groups, profile data, and even my LJ friends (in the form of LJ open ID)! :D Too bad the userpics can't be imported because I can only have 6 userpics with the free account ;_;

I'm elyse on Dreamwidth, btw. I did register lisette there (before someone else snatched it!), but I'll be using elyse@DW as my main account. Anyone else on DW? Add me! ^^

As for now, I'll be posting mostly in LJ. 
Dreamwidth has the ability to crosspost to other journals (including LJ, obviously), but I don't know if I'm gonna be crossposting. Haven't thought about that yet. We'll see.
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Blame my ramen addiction to my bro!

I initially wasn't a big fan of noodles. But then my bro kept brainstorming me how good ramen is, etc. I didn't really believe him, until I tried Ramen 38 at Pondok Indah (which is only a branch & not as good as the main shop at Kamome building) around the end of 2007. Then I went to US & Tokyo last January 2008. THAT! was the lifechanging experience. I tried Santouka Ramen at Costa Mesa, CA (inside Mitsuwa). I love their negi meshi & shio ramen and vowed to come back.

The Tokyo experience was the peak of it all (but of course!). I don't even know the shop name, but it was beside Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku hotel where mom and I stayed at. It was totally random, because we were hungry when we arrived (the journey from Narita airport to Shinjuku took 2 hours by airport limousine bus) and found the nearby ramen shop very tempting. You go into any ramen shop in Tokyo, and you'll be sighing in satisfaction, I tell you! xD Since I'm pretty faithful when I find one GOOD restaurant, of course I came back! Look at how oishii it was! *drools*

shio rameeennn! :9 (by elyse.) tantan ramen! (by elyse.)

I went through the rest of 2008 wishing for another satisfying ramen experience, but didn't really find any up to par. So I had to make do with Ramen 38. A month ago, I found out that Santouka Ramen has a branch in Singapore -- at The Central, Clarke Quay (thanks to [ profile] nefretiriii), so I immediately went there during my Singapore trip last Easter! A friend of mine also told me that Miharu Ramen at The Gallery hotel is also very good.

Actually, the taste of negi meshi & shio ramen at Santouka wasn't as good as the one in Costa Mesa. But I still love it nonetheless!

negi meshi & shio ramen! (by elyse.) tokusen toroniku ramen (by elyse.)

As for the ramen (the noodle) itself, I like the one in Miharu better than Santouka. I heard the ramen is shipped directly from Sapporo everyday. No wonder it tastes SO GOOD & fresh! :9

tonsuke tonshio ramen! :9 (by elyse.) kuomi tsukemen (by elyse.)

We wanted to go back there again on the last day of Singapore trip, but didn't have time ¬_¬ Still very much craving! Must go back to Singapore again soon!

I have since become a true ramen aficionado! xD

And now I'm OFFICIALLY HUNGRYYYY gyaaaa >_<
Shouldn't have written all this in the wee hours of the morning! *lol*

Added on 1.50 PM:
The last thing I remember before waking up, I dreamed of eating ramen (Miharu Ramen, but on a certain airport *lol* and self service!) o(>▽<)o
I'm so gonna have ramen tonight!
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That's what I am! (^∇^)

It's been raining for an hour now and I'm listening to KAT-TUN's newest album, Break The Records. It feels good, the sound of rain combined with Jin's sugoi voice! (I purposely ignore the other 5 members! *lol*)

Before 2009, I always karaoke in the regular places (NAV, Happy Puppy, even Inul Vizta :P) with non J-music-aficionado friends. Of course, I mostly sang English songs, coz those places don't have J-songs! (And I wasn't really exposed to Jpop much before)

So after the discovery of Doremido with [ profile] caramichi last Dec 2008, I have since become a regular there that the staff knows me by name! xD Since March, [ profile] nefretiriii and I had done it every so often (like twice a month). Until now, we haven't found a better place than Doremido, although they're missing J-songs from mid 2006 - mid 2008.

Last weekend, [ profile] utaoutao was in town, so of course we had to have カラオケ night! Too bad the dinner at Manpuku wasn't as good as my first two visits. A friend of mine later did tell me that Manpuku could be a hit or a miss. Oh well. Better luck next time.

A memento from our Japanese night!
Myself, [ profile] nefretiriii, [ profile] utaoutao, and Vero at Manpuku, before heading to Doremido ^^

J-ladies xD (by elyse.)

As always, my peace sign is so faaaarrr from being Japanese style! >_< Not genki enough!!! ¬_¬ Must.... practice! *lol*


"There are those relationships that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous..."
~ Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City)

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