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This (techie?) conversation happened a few hours ago.

I was explaining about how people are (stupidly) comparing Twitter vs Facebook (which TOTALLY CAN'T BE COMPARED BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT THE SAME!!! >_<) to my bro, when suddenly:

Mom: "What is Twitter?"
Me: "It's a microblog."
Mom: "What's a microblog?"
Me: "Do you even know what a blog is?"
Mom: "No xD"
Me: "Wellll... ummm... a blog is like a journal. You write updates about yourself or anything of your interest and the whole world can read it."
Mom: "It's more like a diary, then."
Me: "Not really.. it's more like an online journal..."
Mom: "OK."
Me: "Now, Twitter is a microblog. You understand what micro means, right? So it's basically a very-short form of online journal. You write updates about anything, only in 140 characters. Then people will follow you if your updates are interesting. So it's a matter of how presentable to the world your updates are."


Mom: "What's the difference between Twitter and Youtube?"
Me: ................ OTZ
Me: "Do you even know what Youtube is?"
Mom: "No =P" *innocently*
Me: "Well, the question should've been: 'What is Youtube?' And don't compare it to anything else if you don't know what it is!" >_<

My mom has always been curious whenever she heard all those internet lingo I've been speaking to her or in front of her :P She always asked what is this, what is that, and sometimes her questions were so..... ignorant & illiterate that I didn't even know how to explain!
But thank God, although she's heard of Facebook oh so many times, she would NEVER join Facebook! Actually I forbid her from using Facebook altogether! xD *evil laugh*
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Dear friendslist,

If you haven't already, do backup your LJ!
Well, in truth, I only read that FAQ link, skipped it, & searched for other methods instead *lol*

I stumbled upon very helpful tutorials and found a couple of nifty tools for backing up LJ.

The great tutorials:
1. Backing up your LJ: a guide for Windows users (thank you [info]brown_betty)
2. How to Back-Up Your LJ (thank you [info]liz_marcs)

The best backup tools:
1. ljArchive (see [livejournal.com profile] ljarchive for updates)
2. LJ Backup (see [livejournal.com profile] ljbackup_dev for updates)
3. LJ-Sec (see [livejournal.com profile] ljsec for updates)
4. LJ Migrate (check out the tutorial)

I only use the first three, because the 4th one uses Python and I'm too lazy to learn it :P
From the three above, my favorite is ljArchive. It lets you archive communities as well (provided you have posting access). How nifty! Oh, and let's not forget the sync ability! I just love it! ♥♥♥

This whole backup awareness all started because of the oh so many computer mishaps in the last two months, and I've become very aware of backing up my online & offline data as a result.
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It's April Fool's day! ^ω^
March went by too fast, I almost didn't notice xD

My computer came back home last Saturday night after being repaired by my cousin (ありがとうございました m(._.)m). I spent the weekend night reinstalling all program files from scratch (because XP was reinstalled, so basically the C drive only had Windows XP SP 2 and Kaspersky... and nothing else -_-) until morning came. Chatted with a few friends while doing so. Reached 60% done when I went to sleep at 9a (on Sunday). Continued the reinstallations upon waking up. And when the weekend was over, I felt good because the whole process could reach 70% done in only one day ^^

By the way, this might sound unnecessary, but I'm tracking my sleep at Yawnlog since March 1st! xD My sleep cycle is totally messed up... as always! *lol*

I've been catching up with manga scanlations download after almost 1.5 years not doing so :P Countless manga to download! *_* I'm now dying to know the ending to Penguin Revolution. 1 more volume to go, please scanlate it asap *begs*

Last Monday I and [livejournal.com profile] caramichi had lunch at Pizza Marzano and computer session with tea at Starbucks, City Lofts. We picked that place because of the free wifi (well, obviously :P). It was our last hangout session before she moved to Singapore for college next week. がんばってね!

Tonight [info]nefretiriii and I are gonna have ramen dinner at Sing Sing Ramen, followed by karaoke session at Doremido ☆(^○^)☆
Can't waaiiiiitttt!
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Time flies too fast! It's already past the third week of March O_O

21 March: Happy 3rd Birthday, Twitter!
22 March: Happy 3rd Anniversary, KAT-TUN! (therefore, a Jin avatar! xD)


Before [livejournal.com profile] caramichi moved to Singapore for college, we wanted to enjoy ourselves with everything Japanese. Hence we had all you can eat lunch at Poke Sushi and 3-hour karaoke at Doremido.  In truth, we both were still recovering from the flu virus, so it was a pretty funny sight in which my brother laughed at: we both sang with coarse voice & blocked nose due to sinusitis, sneezed and coughed every once in a while, and flipped through the songbook in an attempt to read the dreadful kanji o_O All at the same time, just like twins! *lol*

I'm still craving for more karaoke, so I'm gonna drag another friend to Doremido next week or so ^^ And of course I will try the karaoke place [livejournal.com profile] hemisofia went to last weekend when I go to Singapore next month or so.


I really love the all you can eat lunch at Samudra Shark's Fin, Mulia Hotel. For less than Rp. 70,000++, we can have so many selections of yummy appetizer, soup, dim sum, main course, dessert, drink..... and of course, as many crabs as I can take xD The deep fried crab with salt & pepper, the steamed garoupa fish, and the asparagus tofu with crab roe soup are to die for! :9 My mom, her 3 guests, and I just had a lunch feast last Friday. They didn't even charge us for the leftovers (and yet so many of them, coz we ordered too much :P).

Apparently not enough crabs, the next day my friends and I had seafood dinner at Pondok Latansa, Kelapa Gading. Cheap seafood, yummy taste, couldn't ask for more! As we are crab lovers, the seven of us ordered 4 portions of large crabs :9 I 'm really crab-fully satisfied this week! xD After the seafood feast, I tried the green tea shot at Cafe du Chocolat. Love it lots!


Computer got virus attack last Sunday early morning! >_<
In truth, it was my fault. I wanted to search for mIRC keygen & I deliberately disabled Kaspersky when I downloaded the keygen. Turned out, it was a trojan and it's already too late when I activated Kaspersky in an attempt to clean it. The virus already spreaded and even disabled my Kaspersky & some other apps. I tried to restart, but it wouldn't enter Windows, wouldn't enter safe mode, and kept on restarting itself. Frantically, I called my good friend in the US. He told me I got boot sector virus! Eeeep >_<
I sent it to my cousin (who works in IT) that afternoon. I don't understand hardwares, so it's better if I don't try to fix it myself for it might get worse.

*sigh* 2 computer mishaps in less than 2 months! @_@ I just hope my cousin can save it without reinstalling XP *prays hard* I don't want to go through the pain of reinstalling all program files & restoring all the settings & data one by one all over again! A week of doing so had only taken me to 70% done. Before I could continue, I already had to have it fixed yet again.
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First of all, since it's already Feb 16th (1.23 AM): Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] flojack :D

I didn't get to say this on Feb 14th, but Happy (belated) Valentine's Day! :3

Thank you to everyone who has commented in the previous entry about my mom. Sorry for my late reply... It's been a hectic week indeed.

Just like the subject says, there's a bad & good thing happening on V-day.

the bad: techie talk )

the good: sextalk )

the epilogue )

And that was how I spent Valentine's day 2009 :D
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After months of waiting and thinking over & over again, I finally decided to get Blackberry Bold. It's a belated birthday gift from dad. At first, I wanted a Blackberry Bold, but because it was so expensive when it first came out (around Rp. 12.5 million), I was thinking of getting a Blackberry Curve 8320 + iPod touch instead.

So 2 weeks ago I came to the Blackberry Shop at Ambassador mall to buy BB 8320 sunset. But after seeing the real thing, I got turned off by the design & the fact that it doesn't have 3G & HSDPA (meaning, I can't use it in Japan). My mom, who went with me, successfully convinced me to get BB Bold instead for those two main reasons.

I gotta say... I'm so happy with it. I do realize that BB Bold still have some problems with the initial firmware, such as the short battery life (because the phone is always seeking for wifi & 3g reception when they're turned on). But I'm sure the problems will be fixed with the new OS upgrade(s).

I'm extremely happy with its ability to be online 24/7 (whenever I'm at home, I switch to my dear computer, of course), therefore I'm always in touch with my emails, and my messengers are always on (YM, MSN, GTalk). I've always known that what I need all along is the ability to get online anytime I want to, especially to check emails, update my Twitter, check movie times, and google something. I used to get online via GPRS on my Nokia phones, and it cost me a lot of money! With Blackberry, the BIS is Rp. 180,000 monthly for unlimited data plan. Nice, isn't it?

In total, I spent a bit more than Rp. 9.5 million for the Bold itself, 8gb micro SD card, anti scratch screen protector, and the awesome red skin case. It's a crackberry now. I'm officially addicted!
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I just realized (eeeh, really? :P) that even though I'm still the same old Elyse, my interests have somehow shifted. I still browse endlessly and procrastinate all the time, though :D That quality might never change, no matter how old I am *lol*

Here are a few thoughts & activities that have been happening in my daily life lately:

1. Twitter is my number one source of what's happening in the world (offline & online), through the people I'm following. I'm very well informed with world & local news, as well as technology-related news through their twits. But since twitter is often down lately, I haven't received as many twits as I used to... And more twitter competitors are coming out to take the market share, such as the very successful Friendfeed, and recently Plurk. Add me if you haven't already :D

2. I'm closely following the spur of web 2.0 services (mostly through twitter). I'll sign up as beta testers just to secure my username, above all things. Usually I don't use the service, but I might check it back if it turns out to be useful. By now I can't even remember what sites I've signed up to :P I just remember the few that I'm using actively daily.

3. Even though I'm always in jdramas / jmovies / j-tv shows downloading spree in the last 4 months, I rarely watch them. I just download, open them to check whether the files are working well or not, then let them lie around in my 1 TB external hdd. By now I have around 350+ gb of videos (probably around 50+ drama/movie titles & uncounted tv shows & other videos). It's all for the sake of collection :P

4. I don't watch anime anymore, except for Detective Conan movies. I still occasionally read manga (I buy them, since I'm still following some titles), but I don't download manga scanlations anymore. Maybe someday I'll catch up on them.

5. I regularly sleep after 5 am, unless I have a morning meeting or I'm too tired. It's been proven useless to sleep early (i.e. 10 or 11pm), since I'm gonna be wide awake at 1 or 2 am anyway. Lately my quality of sleep is really bad. I've been awaken every 2-4 hours, sometimes even every 1-2 hours or less. Just so you know: I've been like this since birth, so it's not a surprise or a disease. I do know the reason, but I'm not saying :P I've tried to normalize my sleep cycle so many times, but failed miserably. So I gave up & decided to follow whatever my body wants, with some exceptions.

6. I don't exercise, that's why my stomach fat is getting bigger & bigger! O_O

7. Wikipedia is where I search firsthand for any info. The latest interesting info is about The Knights Templar.

8. Although I can be considered a techie, I'm lazy to respond to emails. I don't really chat much as well. I always prefer face-to-face hangouts or phone calls.

9. I just loooove Real Player 11, for I can download videos easily at any video sites using its "download this video" button! Totally saves my day!

10. My normal browsing mode is 2 windows & 60+ tabs at one time. Could be more tabs depending on what I'm browsing. Almost 2 months ago, I'm used to have twice the number: 4 windows and 120+ tabs open at one time! However, Firefox is slower now rather than before. I wonder why... perhaps the increasing numbers of add-ons that I have installed.

11. I'm sad that I can't go to World Youth Day, but I'll sure be shopping for their merchandise!

12. I wish there were 30 hours a day, so I can focus more of my time for my photography hobby: touching up photos & post them on Flickr & my neglected photoblog.

13. I wanna learn Japanese! I love the language (especially how it sounds), I can already read hiragana & katakana, but I hate the kanji. I'll probably just learn the spoken Japanese, so that I can understand the RAW videos :P And also I can converse with the locals when I go to Japan xD

I'll probably add more as I think of more things. Hmm... 7 am. Time to sleep! :D


"There are those relationships that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous..."
~ Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City)

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