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Blame my ramen addiction to my bro!

I initially wasn't a big fan of noodles. But then my bro kept brainstorming me how good ramen is, etc. I didn't really believe him, until I tried Ramen 38 at Pondok Indah (which is only a branch & not as good as the main shop at Kamome building) around the end of 2007. Then I went to US & Tokyo last January 2008. THAT! was the lifechanging experience. I tried Santouka Ramen at Costa Mesa, CA (inside Mitsuwa). I love their negi meshi & shio ramen and vowed to come back.

The Tokyo experience was the peak of it all (but of course!). I don't even know the shop name, but it was beside Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku hotel where mom and I stayed at. It was totally random, because we were hungry when we arrived (the journey from Narita airport to Shinjuku took 2 hours by airport limousine bus) and found the nearby ramen shop very tempting. You go into any ramen shop in Tokyo, and you'll be sighing in satisfaction, I tell you! xD Since I'm pretty faithful when I find one GOOD restaurant, of course I came back! Look at how oishii it was! *drools*

shio rameeennn! :9 (by elyse.) tantan ramen! (by elyse.)

I went through the rest of 2008 wishing for another satisfying ramen experience, but didn't really find any up to par. So I had to make do with Ramen 38. A month ago, I found out that Santouka Ramen has a branch in Singapore -- at The Central, Clarke Quay (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] nefretiriii), so I immediately went there during my Singapore trip last Easter! A friend of mine also told me that Miharu Ramen at The Gallery hotel is also very good.

Actually, the taste of negi meshi & shio ramen at Santouka wasn't as good as the one in Costa Mesa. But I still love it nonetheless!

negi meshi & shio ramen! (by elyse.) tokusen toroniku ramen (by elyse.)

As for the ramen (the noodle) itself, I like the one in Miharu better than Santouka. I heard the ramen is shipped directly from Sapporo everyday. No wonder it tastes SO GOOD & fresh! :9

tonsuke tonshio ramen! :9 (by elyse.) kuomi tsukemen (by elyse.)

We wanted to go back there again on the last day of Singapore trip, but didn't have time ¬_¬ Still very much craving! Must go back to Singapore again soon!

I have since become a true ramen aficionado! xD

And now I'm OFFICIALLY HUNGRYYYY gyaaaa >_<
Shouldn't have written all this in the wee hours of the morning! *lol*

Added on 1.50 PM:
The last thing I remember before waking up, I dreamed of eating ramen (Miharu Ramen, but on a certain airport *lol* and self service!) o(>▽<)o
I'm so gonna have ramen tonight!
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Although a bit late:

I've been in Singapore since Saturday with my family, partly spending Easter holiday and partly accompanying my bro in surveying universities for his MBA next year.

Actually I almost decided not to go. My flight was at 8.30a and we had to leave home at 6a. I went to sleep at 4a with a slight stomach ache, and was abruptly awoken at 4.45a with acute GERD attack and cold sweat due to the pain! x_X As far as I could recall, that was the second gastric colic attack I've experienced. The first one led me to ER in the middle of the night for BuscopanZantac injections. This time I woke my mom (who's a medical doctor) to ask for medications, but there was no sign of Buscopan or Librax at home. So I had to make do with hot water and Pankreoflat. Initially we planned to stop by the ER at Medistra hospital for quick injection en route to the airport, but then the pain slowly subdued and we headed straight to the airport instead. I've been keeping my activity in Singapore low & eating very carefully due to the problematic stomach.

Ibis on Bencoolen is minimalist, compact, modern, and very clean! The rooms might be too small for everyone's liking, but I don't mind it at all. I prefer new & clean hotels (albeit small) than large ones but old & dirty! There's free wifi inside every room (see this speedtest!). I've been abusing it for torrents and video downloads like there's no tomorrow *lol*

Easter Vigil mass at Novena Church (St. Alphonsus) took 2.5 hours and the ceiling/wall fans were too strong! GAH, I totally hate the winds, especially coming from fans -_- Wee Nam Kee hainanese chicken rice wasn't as good as it's always been.... whyyyyy! >_< (No, it wasn't because of my still-sensitive stomach, coz my dad also said so)

Going to Singapore is never complete without eating at No Signboard Seafood! xD So today we had lunch in its branch at 414 Geylang (supposedly the best according to locals & from our own past experiences). Too bad my stomach still wouldn't compromise, so I really had to control myself to have veeeerry little of the restaurant's most famous white pepper crab (which I REALLY LIKE! ;_;). My favorite dishes include the very tasty geoduck clam soup, white pepper crab, crayfish with mee hoon, and No Signboard special beancurd.

After visiting [livejournal.com profile] caramichi's place, we went to Takashimaya for kakigori green tea dessert at Aji Tei :9 This is another not-to-miss place to eat when in Singapore! xD Although my Royce chocolate stock is somewhat still complete, I bought the nutty bar chocolate and potatochip chocolate ^^ And you know what.... the Royce shopping bag with the chocolate boxes was left in the taxi on our way to the hotel!! o_O;; But luckily my bro took the driver's name card, so the taxi delivered the bag to Ibis! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Mr. Kind Taxi Driver! m(._.)m  To think that I almost lost S$40 worth of chocolates...! ;_;
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It's April Fool's day! ^ω^
March went by too fast, I almost didn't notice xD

My computer came back home last Saturday night after being repaired by my cousin (ありがとうございました m(._.)m). I spent the weekend night reinstalling all program files from scratch (because XP was reinstalled, so basically the C drive only had Windows XP SP 2 and Kaspersky... and nothing else -_-) until morning came. Chatted with a few friends while doing so. Reached 60% done when I went to sleep at 9a (on Sunday). Continued the reinstallations upon waking up. And when the weekend was over, I felt good because the whole process could reach 70% done in only one day ^^

By the way, this might sound unnecessary, but I'm tracking my sleep at Yawnlog since March 1st! xD My sleep cycle is totally messed up... as always! *lol*

I've been catching up with manga scanlations download after almost 1.5 years not doing so :P Countless manga to download! *_* I'm now dying to know the ending to Penguin Revolution. 1 more volume to go, please scanlate it asap *begs*

Last Monday I and [livejournal.com profile] caramichi had lunch at Pizza Marzano and computer session with tea at Starbucks, City Lofts. We picked that place because of the free wifi (well, obviously :P). It was our last hangout session before she moved to Singapore for college next week. がんばってね!

Tonight [info]nefretiriii and I are gonna have ramen dinner at Sing Sing Ramen, followed by karaoke session at Doremido ☆(^○^)☆
Can't waaiiiiitttt!
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Hellooooo from Jakarta! Yes, I'm back from Semarang xD

I had wanted to sleep early last night, so that I could wake up early, but I ended up watching The Transporter on TV with my bro till 1am :P Then, starting from 3am, I was awoken every once in a while (about 3-4 times, I recall), each time after an intercessory dream *sighs* So tired! >_<

I met [livejournal.com profile] utaoutao around 10a at Horison Hotel (where I stayed at), had breakfast at Malabar coffee shop and chatted until 11.30a. The topic is of course not far from Japan and the J-entertainment world (specifically JE)! xD Here's [livejournal.com profile] utaoutao and me (I failed at the attempted Japanese peace sign! Mine just doesn't look Japanese :P). Pinaaaa, teach me! ^^

After she left, we had our last culinary sessions before going back to Jakarta, starting from pepes kodok at Warung Untung, soto ayam Selan, lumpia Gang Lombok, and es campur Gang Lombok. Wanted to have the praline mochaccino ice cream at Lind's again for the last time, but not enough time :P We had to flee to the airport (thank God we already checked in this morning at the Garuda city check-in counter inside our hotel!).

The flight was at 3.05 pm, boarding at 2.45p, and we arrived at the airport at 2.45p (and still could drop our luggages)! *lol* Yesss, you can definitely do this in Semarang! xD The plane will wait for you! A few years ago, my mom and I had the plane wait for us about 15-20 minutes, because we bought takeaway bakmi Hapkie near the airport for my bro & dad! *lol* The instant we safely got inside the plane, it drove on like a bus xD It was really hilarious!!

Jakarta is as crowded and jammed as always when we arrived. We got our share of rain & thunderstorm, when we finished dinner at Pondok Ayam Kabita en route home. We also got around 30-minute share of electricity being down when we got home! -_- I was getting ready to sleep without air conditioner, when the power suddenly went up! Thank God *phew* After coming from the very hot and humid Semarang, I definitely need to snuggle inside my comforter in a cool temperature!

As always I wanted to sleep early for I was really drowsy, but instead I chatted with friends, caught up with J-download, and wrote this entry ^^
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Yes, that's what I always do whenever I go to Semarang. In fact, that's the only activity in this tiny city! The distance from one place to another is too close, it always takes too short of a time, totally the contrary of Jakarta xD I often found myself with nothing else to do before the next food session :D Thank God for BlackBerry, I wasn't too bored!

So I had culinary trips today: breakfast of nasi liwet in front of St. Joseph elementary, lunch at Warung Mak Tompo (opposite of Koh Liem), early dinner at Lind's Cafe (praline mochaccino ice cream, of course!), dinner with my cousin at Pesta Keboen, continued by dessert at Lind's Cafe (yes, the same ice cream again xD).

Tomorrow morning I'm planning to meet [livejournal.com profile] utaoutao. Hopefully we can wake up early :D Gonna be the last day in Semarang, so more culinary trips in order before our 3p flight tomorrow ^^

And here are the photos at Lind's of my cousin and I, taken by my bro.

cousins at lin.jpg
cousins at lin-1.jpg

BlackBerry is love ♥
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