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Warning: fangirl mode on xD

I shall tell you the start of my jdramas addiction.

My world hadn't been contaminated with the Japanese beauties... until 4 months ago. Actually I've heard of Japanese dorama from a number of friends, who tried to make me download and watch them, but I wasn't interested for the longest time. The first dorama that I downloaded was 1 Litre of Tears (Ichi Rittoru no Namida), because while browsing, I happened to read Aya Kito's diary translation (unfinished, & I got curious) and found out that there's a drama & movie of it. But I didn't watch it right away, it was just lying there in my hard disk for half a year.

When I went to the US last winter vacation, my friends (whose house I stayed at during my Irvine visit) watched dorama every night. I didn't join them, but I got more curious. I decided to give it a try (I asked my friend for recommendations) & more than a month later I started downloading Nodame Cantabile (because I have the manga, I'm very familiar with the story, and I heard it's really good. Plus, it has lots of classical music & orchestra, which I love). That was 3 months ago. Big mistake. My first try of dorama was the best dorama ever! Nothing, until now, can compete with Nodame Cantabile. It has made such a big impact and carved such a deep impression on me. And I'm not exaggerating even a bit. The music, the characters, the storyline (which I criticized at first, if it's -slightly- different than the manga) all grew on me. That was the start of me liking Hiroshi Tamaki, and made me search & download all of his dramas & movies.

In search of more jdramas info, I stumbled upon many interesting sites. While browsing at JDorama, I happened to view Naohito Fujiki's profile picture there & fell instantly for him. Then I finally watched Ichi Rittoru no Namida, which has Nao in it, and although I was crying most of the time (the story's really sad ;_;), I was like "Whaaat? This is Nao?" whenever I saw him on screen (because he's really thin, his cheek is sunken, and he has goatie! O_O). But my first impression was right, because I fell for him again while watching Hotaru no Hikari. So I started liking Naohito Fujiki all over again, and craved for more of him.

From then, I lost track of what drama/movie I watched next. But what I know is this: I never watch dramas fully since Nodame. Meaning, after Nodame, I skip a lot of the scenes (fast forwarding most of the time) to see the more interesting scenes & reach the ending. Sometimes I also watch the dramas backwards (from the final episode to the first). Same goes for movies. My curiosity & impatience always control me. But I know what's to blame: watching Nodame Cantabile as the first dorama! Such a huge mistake, since it's truly the best. Oh well...

One day I watched Shukumei (faithfully from start to finish without skipping at all) because of Nao, but I ended up liking Takashi Kashiwabara (Kassy) instead. So there goes the start of me liking 3 Japanese beauties (I call them 'beauties', because... well, Japanese men are not really 'manly'. They're either 'pretty' or 'beautiful', so different from mostly handsome Korean actors, like Dennis O'Neil, for instance). Nowadays I focus mostly on Kassy & Nao, trying to complete my collection of their videos.

Japanese Overdose: The Beginning is done.
I shall continue the story next time. Ja ne ~~

PS: That's Nao on the userpic ^^
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What commercial do you love the most? Which do you hate?

Here's one of the few commercials that I love the most ^^
(also because it's Kassy :P)
Of course I'm not gonna post commercials that I hate, since there are a lot of them! O_O


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