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How many different places (cities, houses, apartments, dorm rooms, etc.) have you lived in? Which is your favorite? And your least favorite?

  • I was born in Semarang and lived there (in my grandma's house) until I was about 20 months old.
  • My family and I moved to Jakarta in 1981, living in a house in Cengkareng, West Jakarta.
  • We moved again to another house in South Jakarta in 1991 and lived there until I graduated high school in 1997.
  • I went to the US of A for university at Penn State. The city is called State College, but the university area is called University Park. Weird, I know, since University Park is basically INSIDE State College! For the first year, I lived in dorms. The first 6 months, I stayed at Wolf Hall (in Pollock Halls). And the next 6 months at Runkle Hall (in North Halls). I love Runkle Hall better than Wolf Hall, albeit smaller. Runkle Hall felt more intimate :3
  • I despised living on campus because I had to share with a roommate (whom I couldn't choose myself coz it was randomly assigned!), so I moved to an apartment on my sophomore year. I lived in a 2-bedroom apartment at Beaver Terrace with a very nice Indonesian friend. I lived there for 3 years, until univ graduation in 2001. My bedroom is SO BIG that my Indonesian friends loved to hangout at my apartment and infiltrate my bedroom xD
  • Upon graduation, I moved to Southern California for work. For the first 1 month, I rented a room in a house (in Irvine, CA) owned by an Indonesian senior couple, but since I didn't like the couple AND the room, I mostly stayed at my (then) boyfriend's apartment (Las Palmas in Irvine). Then, in an effort to cut paying for an empty room that I didn't use anyway, I moved to my (then) boyfriend's apartment for two months, while also searching for an apartment / room nearby.
  • My mom's friend's friend (a senior Indonesian couple) offered me to rent a room in their daughter's (empty) townhouse at La Habra, CA. The townhouse for rent was next to the senior couple's townhouse. So I rented the smaller bedroom on the second floor (the master bedroom wasn't for rent since it was reserved for whenever their daughter & grandchildren came to the US -- they were living in Indonesia at that time). What I really love was: most of the time I had the whole townhouse for myself! xD xD I lived there for 11 months.
  • Since I was going to take a professional degree in UCLA, I decided to move to Pasadena, CA, so that the commute wouldn't be too long. I chose a one bedroom loft at Alexan City Place. I rented this apartment for 6 months, but I only happened to stay there for a month, because I went home (to Indonesia) on Oct 2002 to apply for student visa for my UCLA degree. Guess what: the application was rejected.... twice! ヾ(。`Д´。)ノ  So I was stuck in Indonesia for good and the apartment was left empty for the remaining 5 months! [○・`Д´・○]
  • Thus, I have since lived in Jakarta for good (since Oct 2002) at my parents' South Jakarta house until today.

My favorite is Alexan City Place at Pasadena.... although I lived there for the shortest time!
The apartment is sooo nice (and new! -- when I moved there, it was like only a month old) and spacious (it has a loft, too!) and modern, totally my favorite type of apartment!

My second favorite is the townhouse at La Habra. The place is so so (not new, not modern), but I can have the whole townhouse for myself, most of the time ^^ The bedrooms are upstairs. Downstairs you'll find the living room, dining room, and kitchen. It's really nice, it feels very homey.

My least favorite gotta be the dorms! No matter how nice a dorm could be... a dorm is a dorm! x_X You can't have your own space (or maybe you could, but still.... it's a dorm!), and usually the bathroom is shared. I just don't like sharing my private space *lol* Ooh, not to forget all the dorm rules! Being a nocturnal that I am, it's really hard to abide by the rules (esp. the one where you can't talk on the phone after midnight outside of your room. Well I didn't wanna bother my roommate who was sleeping, but I also wanted to talk to my (then) boyfriend so I had to go outside and whispered on the phone! And I always got scolded because of that -_-). I just HAVE to have my own space, without having to worry whether I would bother people with my weird sleep cycle, and vice versa.

However, after trying both houses and apartments... I like living in a house better, esp. because it's much more spacious (I'm a bit claustrophobic) and it feels more private.
Those are the keys of my life: privacy & space! xD
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ただいまー! ★***\(^O^)/*** ★
Got home 2 hours ago; done with unpacking and organizing stuff in my bedroom. Fatigue and sleepy, but couldn't sleep right away. So naturally I browse, with Fire.fm playing the station of David Benoit's similar artists.

Oooh, so many interesting upcoming dorama this spring!
(from Jdrama Weblog & DramaWiki at D-Addicts)

Dorama watch list:

Tanpatsu watch list:
That reminds me: I have to check for the torrents of winter 2009 tanpatsu at d-addicts!
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Finally, mom is discharged tomorrow (Sunday) morning! ばんざーい!☆ \(@^0^@)/ ♪~
We're going home at last! I'm so happy I could dance ~~
└(^^*)┐ ┌(*^^)┘└(^^*)┐ ┌(*^^)┘
Did you see me dancing? *lol*

During this one week in the hospital, I went home once last Thursday, spending a very precious one night (only 12 hours) before going back to the hospital again. My bro substituted me that night. It was very refreshing, being able to sleep on my own comfy bed, after spending 4 straight nights at the hospital.

Actually we're not planning to go straight home after being discharged. We plan to have lunch, followed by a relaxing body massage (oh yes!!), and Sunday mass at Canisius Chapel, 6pm. After that, we'll have dinner at Pand'Or (because my mom wants to buy their delicious Carousel so much!) before we go home ^^
I wanted to sleep all day long on Monday, but I have 2 meetings that day. Oh well, can't slack off all the time :P

Right now I'm sleepless, most probably because I'm excited to finally leave this hospital! xD
And even though I've eaten lots, I'm still hungry and been eating every 2-3 hours since this afternoon! This is baaad...

Oh! And just when I was about to leave, somehow the wifi signal is getting better and better in this hospital room! It's been showing 5 bars (full signal) the whole day today, although with some disconnections in between. Up until yesterday, the highest signal I got in the room was 3-4 bars. But I'm not gonna miss it, coz there's still nothing better than being home! (And plus, I have 2 internet connections I can abuse at home xD)
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Since Feb 22, I miss:
  • The Academy Award!
  • Fangirling in LJ. I have to read all entries since Feb 21. Lots of things to catch up (and download :P)!
  • My dear computer. My cousin has returned my computer on Feb 20, but since my schedule was really packed on Feb 21 and 22, and I stayed at the hospital since Feb 22, I didn't touch it yet. Not until next week, I suppose.
  • My bed & the smell of home! Well I did bring my pillows & bolster to the hospital, but it just never feels the same sleeping on the sofabed compared to my dear comfy bed.
  • Torrent downloads from D-Addicts since Feb 21.

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Where do you call home?

Eh... that's not easy to answer. Or at least, the answer is not a single one.
Places I would call home are: Semarang (Indonesia), Jakarta (Indonesia), State College (Pennsylvania, USA), La Habra (California, USA) and around Southern California.

Why so many? Let me elaborate.

My mom is from Semarang, and my dad is from Ambarawa.
I was born in Semarang and stayed there until almost 2 years old. Then my whole family moved to Jakarta.
Although I've been living in Jakarta since then, I went to Semarang & Ambarawa almost twice a year, because my grandparents from dad's side were in Ambarawa & lots of my dad's family are in Semarang. My dad's family is pretty large (he has 9 siblings), so we used to gather together every holiday: my dad's siblings and their children (my cousins). That happened yearly until my grandparents moved to Jakarta when I was in jr high school (around 1992/1993).

After that, we still go to Semarang at least once a year, because my mom's dad's grave is there & she has to take care of it once a year (according to the Chinese tradition). I'm usually the one who accompanies her until now (except when I was in the US).
Sometimes we also go to Semarang for family incidentals (such as weddings or funerals) or any other non-family invitations.

In 1997, I went to the USA for my study. I was in Penn State (the city is State College, Pennsylvania) for 4 years, then I moved to La Habra, California for 1 year (during my OPT - optional practical training). I worked in the city of Orange while I was in La Habra. My close friends were in Irvine, so I went there a lot during my La Habra days.

In 2002, I went back to Jakarta for good... and I've been here till today. Like previously said, I still go to Semarang at least once a year. I also go to Bali a lot (since my family has a villa there), but I don't call Bali home, since it never feels like one.


"There are those relationships that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous..."
~ Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City)

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