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Aaaah, I can finally breathe (a little).


ISAO (ICCRS Sub-Committee for Asia Oceania) Conference was soooo hectic! I stayed at Mercure hotel Ancol starting on Sep 12 till 18, sharing the deluxe room with my 2 friends (Vera & Ria). Every night we slept for only 3-4 hours, going to bed mostly after 4 am. Throughout the day, we took care of so many things: on Sep 13 & 14 we alternated between the registration, help desk, and accommodation posts. We initially thought that after the peak of the hecticness on Sep 14 had passed, we could rest and relax a bit.

There was always something (or a lot of things) that we had to do on Sep 15 - 18.
Sep 15: taking care of some registrations & help desk.
Sep 16-17: doing the rooming list for Novotel (the participants moved to Novotel Mangga Dua on Sep 18) & some secretarial works.
(Plus, my roommate Ria had to take care of a very sick participant from the Philippines on the night of Sep 16, taking him to the ER at a nearby hospital, staying with the family till 3 am, and was awaken at 7.45 am by a call from his son that he had died 30 minutes before. So she flew to the hospital right away, and helped the family with all the funeral processes: the medical record, death certificate, the Philippines Embassy, the cargo to Manila, the funeral services, etc etc. Thank God the Filipino conference participants' group leader is a priest -- Fr. Bart Pastor, so the Filipino family felt better as they had someone they could count on in this country away from their home. My friend Ria helped the Filipino family everyday until they left for Manila on Sep 20. God bless her heart!).
Sep 18: our youth band was in charge of the praise & worship session before today's conference, and songs for the closing mass, so my friends and I were singing since early morning. The hecticness continued in the afternoon till late at night, for after lunch, the participants moved to JITEC for the revival & healing rally in the evening & stayed at Novotel Mangga Dua that night. The walkway from Novotel to JITEC was really confusing, we had to help the international participants to get there safely. I and Vera and a few fellow secretariat team fell asleep for about half an hour when Fr. Rufus Pereira was speaking on the stage (before the healing prayers began) :P Finally, after a looooong and hectic night, I arrived home safely at 1 am. OMG soooo tired! >_<

Thank God we had a mass everyday during the conference!
Now when it's over, I breathed a sigh of relief, but I really missed it. Somehow, in our hearts, something is missing... Vera and Ria both have the same feeling.
We got to meet so many nice international friends (although most of them are well over 50 years old!), great bishops & priests from all around Asia & Oceania (and even one cool priest from the USA who's stationed in Marshall Islands, Fr. James Gould SJ), and we made new awesome friends from fellow ISAO Conference committee, young and old. We learned a lot from working with various people in the team. We got so many blessings from the preparation and during the conference itself.

Vera (my international registration partner) & I were even showered with a lot of gifts from the appreciative international participants (one lovely Japanese lady - grandma, actually :P - & her group were so thrilled when they finally met me. She was so cute, I saw her jumping up & down a little bit while shaking my hand -- like an SD anime character! *lol* Now I have 7 Japanese friends! :D).

Photos have been uploaded to Facebook (I don't have time to upload 'em to Flickr; maybe later): click here for the full ISAO Conference album.
Friend me on Facebook if you can't open the album, since it might have something to do with my Facebook privacy.


Like I said in the previous post, I couldn't take a rest right away after the conference ended, since I had to take care of my own jobs, after abandoning them for two weeks. But I thought I'd be able to rest a lot after Sep 21.

WRONG again!
There was a treasure hunt going on at (fluff)Friends on Facebook, from Sep 11-30. Alas, I was busy digging every night until morning came :P So basically I continued to be lacking sleep until the treasure hunt ended on Sep 30. Thank God it's finally over!

Now I can finally go back to normal life and catch up the things I've been abandoning, postponing, and delaying this past 1+ months.


Let's summarize this as a continuation to my previous post (Japanese Overdose: the beginning).

Basically, after I wrote that entry, I started to explore a lot of dramas, movies, and actors/actresses by downloading endlessly. I also downloaded a lot of videos (non-drama, non-movie), mostly TV shows, games, talk shows, concerts, etc. Now my 1 TB external harddisk only has 180+ gb left! Oh nooeess! *_*

In trying to search which dramas to watch, I stumbled upon this Crunchyroll forum.
From there, I started to download Korean dramas, since my friend also told me that the Korean guys are so much more masculine than the Japanese, and their bodies are so much sexier & more built! :D I got turned off by the sound of Korean language initially, but after a few dramas, I finally got used to it. I still don't like the language, but I got hooked on a few Korean actors already, so the language is not a (big) problem anymore :P

From that CR forum, the K-actors experience started from Kwon Sang Woo, Dennis O'Neil, Gong Yoo, Daniel Henney, Hyun Bin, Jo In Sung, Won Bin, Kim Rae Won (because my friend likes him), Lee Wan, and Yoon Kye Sang.
Although most of them have good-looking face & great body, I only like and crave for more of Hyun Bin, Won Bin, and Dennis O'Neil. The biggest reason of why I don't really swoon over Korean actors is because of their eyes. I like most Japanese eyes, they're big & nicely almond-shaped. I don't like chinky-eyed actors.

I tried a few Taiwanese dramas, but those failed miserably. I didn't like, don't like, and will never like the Chinese language (although I'm Chinese myself) and how it sounds! I did try learning the Mandarin for about a year, and honestly I never like it. I was only curious with Vic Zhou and Mike He.

As for the Japanese dramas/movies.... they're neverending! Simply because I get hooked on one actor over another all the time :D
From Tamaki, Nao, and Kassy, the J-actors experience continued to (I will only list the actors I kinda like & crave for more) Takuya Kimura, Hiroshi Abe, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Tomohisa Yamashita (Yamapi), Yutaka Takenouchi, Jin Akanishi, Takashi Tsukamoto.
There are a lot more J-actors whose dramas/movies I've watched, but I don't particularly like them, such as Toma Ikuta, Hideaki Takizawa, Osamu Mukai, Ryo Nishikido, etc (the others are not worth mentioning, since I don't like them at all, although I might watch their dramas provided that the story & other actors/actresses are good).

Of those I mentioned above, I swoon over Nao, Kassy, and Yamapi (coz he's handsome, sexy, and dances very well! *drools*). Since Nao & Yamapi are singers as well, I also diligently download their concerts, talkshows, etc. In Yamapi's case, since he's a part of NEWS, I download all of NEWS videos. I also follow Jin closely & download his videos (and some of KAT-TUN's because he's in it -- although I don't really like the other 5 guys!), since Jin is a smart guy who speaks pretty good English, has a good laugh (and teeth! :P), can sing very well (his voice is the best out of the 6 members), and he shines. It surprises me at first, but now I can settle for the much younger! *gasps*

I might need to buy another 1 TB external hard disk for next year! *lol*

Bottomline: the Japanese overdose is neverending! :3

PS: That's Kassy on the userpic, during his most handsome days.
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Warning: fangirl mode on xD

I shall tell you the start of my jdramas addiction.

My world hadn't been contaminated with the Japanese beauties... until 4 months ago. Actually I've heard of Japanese dorama from a number of friends, who tried to make me download and watch them, but I wasn't interested for the longest time. The first dorama that I downloaded was 1 Litre of Tears (Ichi Rittoru no Namida), because while browsing, I happened to read Aya Kito's diary translation (unfinished, & I got curious) and found out that there's a drama & movie of it. But I didn't watch it right away, it was just lying there in my hard disk for half a year.

When I went to the US last winter vacation, my friends (whose house I stayed at during my Irvine visit) watched dorama every night. I didn't join them, but I got more curious. I decided to give it a try (I asked my friend for recommendations) & more than a month later I started downloading Nodame Cantabile (because I have the manga, I'm very familiar with the story, and I heard it's really good. Plus, it has lots of classical music & orchestra, which I love). That was 3 months ago. Big mistake. My first try of dorama was the best dorama ever! Nothing, until now, can compete with Nodame Cantabile. It has made such a big impact and carved such a deep impression on me. And I'm not exaggerating even a bit. The music, the characters, the storyline (which I criticized at first, if it's -slightly- different than the manga) all grew on me. That was the start of me liking Hiroshi Tamaki, and made me search & download all of his dramas & movies.

In search of more jdramas info, I stumbled upon many interesting sites. While browsing at JDorama, I happened to view Naohito Fujiki's profile picture there & fell instantly for him. Then I finally watched Ichi Rittoru no Namida, which has Nao in it, and although I was crying most of the time (the story's really sad ;_;), I was like "Whaaat? This is Nao?" whenever I saw him on screen (because he's really thin, his cheek is sunken, and he has goatie! O_O). But my first impression was right, because I fell for him again while watching Hotaru no Hikari. So I started liking Naohito Fujiki all over again, and craved for more of him.

From then, I lost track of what drama/movie I watched next. But what I know is this: I never watch dramas fully since Nodame. Meaning, after Nodame, I skip a lot of the scenes (fast forwarding most of the time) to see the more interesting scenes & reach the ending. Sometimes I also watch the dramas backwards (from the final episode to the first). Same goes for movies. My curiosity & impatience always control me. But I know what's to blame: watching Nodame Cantabile as the first dorama! Such a huge mistake, since it's truly the best. Oh well...

One day I watched Shukumei (faithfully from start to finish without skipping at all) because of Nao, but I ended up liking Takashi Kashiwabara (Kassy) instead. So there goes the start of me liking 3 Japanese beauties (I call them 'beauties', because... well, Japanese men are not really 'manly'. They're either 'pretty' or 'beautiful', so different from mostly handsome Korean actors, like Dennis O'Neil, for instance). Nowadays I focus mostly on Kassy & Nao, trying to complete my collection of their videos.

Japanese Overdose: The Beginning is done.
I shall continue the story next time. Ja ne ~~

PS: That's Nao on the userpic ^^


"There are those relationships that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous..."
~ Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City)

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