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I find it a lot easier to wrap up what happened in a week at the end of the week ^^ So I'm gonna do this whenever nothing special that deserves its own topic comes to mind, or I'm just plain lazy :P

'゚★。 FLU '゚☆。

I've been struck down by the flu virus (chronic pharyngitis, sinusitis, malaise, myalgia, fatigue, cough, ... you name it!) since exactly a week ago, so I was mostly home, sleeping like a baby (more than 12 hours daily) in the hope of recovering asap. I also postponed a few meetings and basically just stayed home. I'm still in the recovery process now, although I've taken antibiotics since day 1! Sure takes a long time ~_~

I think the peak of my fatigueness was during the Java Jazz weekend (March 6-8) where I mostly stayed until after midnight. The next day (March 9) was actually a holiday, but my community had a one-on-one follow-up interview meeting for the spiritual gifts assessment session we had last Feb 22, so I still couldn't rest well that day. Thus I couldn't defend myself from the attack of the flu virus the next day o_O

In my 1st week of march: quick update entry, I purposely picked the "I need a break" icon and look how I got the break alright from this flu :P Be careful with what you wished for! xD

'゚★。 TECHIE '゚☆。

And because I had lots of free time at home, when I felt better I finally plugged in my abandoned CPU and started my techie chores of reinstalling all program files from scratch. Imagine you have a brand new PC, with only windows XP and Kaspersky anti virus installed! >_< It took me days and countless restarts to get into acceptable state (70% done). I'm not finished yet, btw. I'm still downloading new files and need to install a couple more things.

This is the worst part: I did ask my cousin to backup 2 important things on C:\, which is the Application Data folder and Fleur de Lis videos (which is OK if he forgot, coz I have them all on DVD). He backed up the videos, but either forgot or skipped the App Data, which is the most important thing! The last time I backed up the App Data was Aug 2008, so in total I lost 6+ months worth of emails & attachments, all of Firefox and other programs' settings & data! *sobs* I will definitely back up my App Data at least once a month from now on!

The first thing I did after reinstalling Thunderbird was to move the email folders to drive E. It's much safer this way, rather than having the emails on App Data folder.

Thank God for Gmail Backup, ImportExportTools, and Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer, they totally save my day!
Most of my emails are back and my bookmark is restored from the server backup!

'゚★。 "GIFT" '゚☆。

I watched Push last weekend, and although we sat in the very front row (in the middle, no less!) of the movie theater, I like it lots. Perhaps because it reminds me of my own (psychic, if you may call it) ability, although I'm nowhere near Cassie or her mom's ability (and honestly speaking, I don't want to be like them! o_O).

The interview last Monday (March 9) kind of serves as a start mark of my commitment to share more to those in need of my discernment. Who knows it might be a blessing (or not), depending on how one takes it afterwards. I'm sorry if I'm not making any sense; only those who know my gift/ability understand what I'm talking about (or you may simply ask :D).

I did try to deliver two different messages to two different persons after that day, and those two confirmed the messages right away. So thank you, you know who you are, for confirming. It gives me the strength and affirmation to keep doing this in the future.


Java Jazz report coming up... when I feel like writing about it ^^;
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Since coming home from the hospital last Sunday (March 1), I've been extremely tired & fatigue that I hardly have energy to do something productive. I guess having been alert in the hospital for one week has drained the energy from my body (which in general has low immune system) and has increased my serotonin level. And after a full week of living in that condition, when I came back home, everything dropped back to normal (as well as the serotonin level) and I could totally feel the fatigueness afterwards.

I thought I could rest this week, but I had an average of 2 meetings everyday that mostly started from after lunch until around midnight. I mostly arrived home well after midnight. So to be honest, I haven't had time to really rest well to recover my exhausted body. I don't even have the strength to do anything other than regular computer stuff (still using my office CPU, although my CPU has been lying around for 2 weeks after being repaired by my cousin!), regular work & meeting preparation stuff, and regular community stuff.

I did have at least 6-7 hours of sleep every night, but somehow I never felt revived, and I even had a hard time waking up altogether. Oh, let's not forget the restless, waking-up-every-once-in-a-while-with-weird-vivid-dreams quality of sleep every night! In fact, I felt even more drained because of that! ~_~


Although my CPU is back, I need to reinstall every programs that I regularly use, because Windows XP was reinstalled after the last mishap, so the C drive in my CPU is empty right now! I just don't have the energy to do it, because I know that once I do it, I'm gonna do it until all programs are reinstalled. I'm not gonna stop until everything has taken into place like it once was. That means I need more than just a few hours (and most probably will lose sleep), because I need to put back all the lost files & settings (esp. those in Application Data in C:\). I'm gonna do it next week the soonest, after I have at least one full day free of any meetings and I can totally relax!


This weekend, albeit a long weekend (Monday - March 9 - is a holiday), I can't really rest because of the 3 days Java Jazz Festival ^^; As tired as I may be, I definitely won't miss it!
More stories about JJF after it's over this Sunday. I'm gonna recap the jazz report in one entry ^^

Now what I need is to crash bed! おやすみぃ〜(∪。∪)。。。zzzZZZ
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Since Feb 22, I miss:
  • The Academy Award!
  • Fangirling in LJ. I have to read all entries since Feb 21. Lots of things to catch up (and download :P)!
  • My dear computer. My cousin has returned my computer on Feb 20, but since my schedule was really packed on Feb 21 and 22, and I stayed at the hospital since Feb 22, I didn't touch it yet. Not until next week, I suppose.
  • My bed & the smell of home! Well I did bring my pillows & bolster to the hospital, but it just never feels the same sleeping on the sofabed compared to my dear comfy bed.
  • Torrent downloads from D-Addicts since Feb 21.

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First of all, since it's already Feb 16th (1.23 AM): Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] flojack :D

I didn't get to say this on Feb 14th, but Happy (belated) Valentine's Day! :3

Thank you to everyone who has commented in the previous entry about my mom. Sorry for my late reply... It's been a hectic week indeed.

Just like the subject says, there's a bad & good thing happening on V-day.

the bad: techie talk )

the good: sextalk )

the epilogue )

And that was how I spent Valentine's day 2009 :D
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Well, I'm home, since last nite (Nov 9 at 8p).
Vacation's over. Hello, real life!

And this is what awaited me at home: my dear PC failed to start! Eeep *_*
I had to do some works, so I used my mom's laptop. But the internet was sooo slow, it got on my nerves, so I ended up going to sleep & abandoning work altogether *lol*

About my PC: turned out the power supply & UPS were broken. So today I sent it to my cousin who works in IT and he put a brand new power supply in it. The UPS still needs to be inspected, but at least the PC can be used again, after spending a day off. At first, the monitor went flickering without reason, so I unplugged & replugged the monitor-to-CPU cable & restarted the PC, and thankfully it was fixed. Only 3 hours ago the computer went back alive, pretty safely. Phew.

I didn't really do anything today, since the electricity went down just when I was about to start work! -_-
C'mon Indonesia, what's the matter with these frequent power down lately? It's getting really annoying!

So I ended up twittering nonsense twits and dozing off for a while (since I was still very tired), and got a blissful &  relaxing body massage in the evening. What a great way to ease the mind & fatigue body!

Australia story will be written in the next entry, hopefully ^^

My Blackberry went in silentium for a long time & more than once in Australia. Perhaps it had to do with data (GPRS) availability in that area. The longest it went silent was in Perth, for 3 days. When I arrived in Melbourne, suddenly the BIS went alive again and I got 150 unread emails xD Then it went silent again for a few hours, and on again, and off again, just like that all the way to Sydney & finally went back alive in Jakarta.

I might be going to Sydney again next January with 5 other people. It's gonna be merry.... or perhaps not, since we're going there for a ministry :P
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What is one thing you MUST do before you go to bed at night?

A couple of things that basically are done in front of the dear computer (in no particular order):
  • Check my emails and make sure nothing urgent that needs immediate attention is forgotten to be taken care of.
  • Check my utorrent and make sure I've moved the finished torrents to its appropriate folders.
  • Check twitter: read the latest tweets, reply to @elyse tweets & post new tweets.
  • Find interesting movies/dramas that I haven't downloaded from either [personal profile] jdramas or [profile] asian_doramas & leave the 2 laptops (my mom's and my bro's) to download them while I go to sleep :P Also make sure that the main desktop continues to download dramas via utorrent.
  • Make sure any work that must be done before the following day arrives is done completely.
  • I might be sneak peeking or skim watching jdrama / jmovie for as long as I'm hooked (ranging from 5 mins to hours :P)
  • Click all the interesting URLs on the latest tweets @ twitter.
  • Browsing endlessly, for lack of better things to do.
  • Do moderator jobs for the Yahoo groups I'm maintaining (i.e. approve pending messages, mostly).
  • Delete spam messages that are quarantined here.
  • Check Facebook & its (fluff)Friends app for any activity that needs attention.

See, so many activities before going to sleep. No wonder I always sleep so late (read: after 6am), right? ^^

Actually, I might not do all of the above, but most of them are essential. I usually manage to say a little prayer (or a lot, depending on whether I can still keep my eyelids open or not) before I finally fall asleep :)
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Finally.. my computer is almost as good as new *beams*
Although I spent quite a lot of money for the new 1gb memory, fan, power supply, and casing, but hey.. at least the motherboard isn't broken. Thankfully.
But imagine 1.5 weeks without my lovely desktop... O_O

Oh, I finally subscribed to the only cable modem provider in my area (yeees, my area is not in the heart of Jakarta. It's actually way down there in the southern suburb, where the threat of flood is the lowest in Jakarta). I couldn't take it anymore... for the past 2 months, the dial-up @ telkomnet was insanely slow. So... after 4 years of amazingly shocking patience (since I've been known to be an impatient lady), here's a toast to the once again unlimited browsing and leeching! YAY! :D

Don't ask me about the speed, though. It's waaaaayy below what I had experienced in State College, PA, 6-7 years ago. Actually the advertised speed is "up to 256 kbps". Now you go figure... With the unstable network and all that, how much do I get in the far end?
No no, I'm not complaining. It's good enough that now I have unlimited internet after waiting for oh so many years. So for those of you lucky souls who can experience 10+ mbps cable internet, be thankful for what you have. For here lies the truth.. the internet in Indonesia sucks so baaadd. Actually, *whispers* it's being monopolized big time, so no wonder, right?

I am sincerely awaiting for the time... when I can move closer to the heart of Jakarta, where access to everything is so much easier.
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Since this LJ needs refreshment, there goes the new makeup. Although I don't particularly like pink, I've been in the mood of using pink lately. And this layout looks very nice, especially with the background texture. [livejournal.com profile] paintedlayouts is the best! Me likey :3
I'm gonna change the header later on. For now, I'm loving the pink flowers. It'd be such a waste to change it too soon.

On another note, I went to Bandung for 3 days last week, and when I came back, my desktop crashed. It kept on reading the hard disk, and failed to start. So I gave the CPU to my cousin (who's a pro at his line of work) & borrowed mom's laptop until today. Being a techie as I am, I immediately started downloading softwares, etc to this laptop. I can't stand an empty laptop, it's always in my blood to fill it with junks and nifty programs.

My cousin just said that the motherboard is broken. Oh well, time to buy a new one. Hope it doesn't cost too much.


"There are those relationships that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous..."
~ Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City)

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