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Since coming home from the hospital last Sunday (March 1), I've been extremely tired & fatigue that I hardly have energy to do something productive. I guess having been alert in the hospital for one week has drained the energy from my body (which in general has low immune system) and has increased my serotonin level. And after a full week of living in that condition, when I came back home, everything dropped back to normal (as well as the serotonin level) and I could totally feel the fatigueness afterwards.

I thought I could rest this week, but I had an average of 2 meetings everyday that mostly started from after lunch until around midnight. I mostly arrived home well after midnight. So to be honest, I haven't had time to really rest well to recover my exhausted body. I don't even have the strength to do anything other than regular computer stuff (still using my office CPU, although my CPU has been lying around for 2 weeks after being repaired by my cousin!), regular work & meeting preparation stuff, and regular community stuff.

I did have at least 6-7 hours of sleep every night, but somehow I never felt revived, and I even had a hard time waking up altogether. Oh, let's not forget the restless, waking-up-every-once-in-a-while-with-weird-vivid-dreams quality of sleep every night! In fact, I felt even more drained because of that! ~_~


Although my CPU is back, I need to reinstall every programs that I regularly use, because Windows XP was reinstalled after the last mishap, so the C drive in my CPU is empty right now! I just don't have the energy to do it, because I know that once I do it, I'm gonna do it until all programs are reinstalled. I'm not gonna stop until everything has taken into place like it once was. That means I need more than just a few hours (and most probably will lose sleep), because I need to put back all the lost files & settings (esp. those in Application Data in C:\). I'm gonna do it next week the soonest, after I have at least one full day free of any meetings and I can totally relax!


This weekend, albeit a long weekend (Monday - March 9 - is a holiday), I can't really rest because of the 3 days Java Jazz Festival ^^; As tired as I may be, I definitely won't miss it!
More stories about JJF after it's over this Sunday. I'm gonna recap the jazz report in one entry ^^

Now what I need is to crash bed! おやすみぃ〜(∪。∪)。。。zzzZZZ
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Starting today, I will be leaving home to stay at Mercure Hotel Ancol (still in Jakarta) for a week to take care of the international registrations of ISAO Conference (Asia-Oceania Catholic conference) that takes place on Sep 14 - 18. I won't be able to go home, I think, except there's an emergency, and who knows whether I'll be able to go online at all. The most hectic days will be on Sep 13, 14, and 18, when the (international) participants arrive (mostly on Sep 13  &14) and move to Novotel for a rally on Sep 18 evening.

Actually most of the participants will depart Novotel to the airport on Sep 19 & 20, but I'm SO taking a break on those days. I'm going home straight after the rally on Sep 18. The conference hasn't started yet, but I'm already so tired & always lacking sleep. God knows how I'll be when it ends.

However, I won't be able to take a full rest until after Sep 21, because I have a meeting on Sep 19, a friend's baby's baptism on Sep 20, a wedding reception to take care of on Sep 20, a wedding ceremony to sing on Sep 21, and yet another meeting right after the ceremony on Sep 21. Heeeeelllppp...!! ~_~

After that, I hope I can sleep 12 hours a day for a week! :D
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I just realized (eeeh, really? :P) that even though I'm still the same old Elyse, my interests have somehow shifted. I still browse endlessly and procrastinate all the time, though :D That quality might never change, no matter how old I am *lol*

Here are a few thoughts & activities that have been happening in my daily life lately:

1. Twitter is my number one source of what's happening in the world (offline & online), through the people I'm following. I'm very well informed with world & local news, as well as technology-related news through their twits. But since twitter is often down lately, I haven't received as many twits as I used to... And more twitter competitors are coming out to take the market share, such as the very successful Friendfeed, and recently Plurk. Add me if you haven't already :D

2. I'm closely following the spur of web 2.0 services (mostly through twitter). I'll sign up as beta testers just to secure my username, above all things. Usually I don't use the service, but I might check it back if it turns out to be useful. By now I can't even remember what sites I've signed up to :P I just remember the few that I'm using actively daily.

3. Even though I'm always in jdramas / jmovies / j-tv shows downloading spree in the last 4 months, I rarely watch them. I just download, open them to check whether the files are working well or not, then let them lie around in my 1 TB external hdd. By now I have around 350+ gb of videos (probably around 50+ drama/movie titles & uncounted tv shows & other videos). It's all for the sake of collection :P

4. I don't watch anime anymore, except for Detective Conan movies. I still occasionally read manga (I buy them, since I'm still following some titles), but I don't download manga scanlations anymore. Maybe someday I'll catch up on them.

5. I regularly sleep after 5 am, unless I have a morning meeting or I'm too tired. It's been proven useless to sleep early (i.e. 10 or 11pm), since I'm gonna be wide awake at 1 or 2 am anyway. Lately my quality of sleep is really bad. I've been awaken every 2-4 hours, sometimes even every 1-2 hours or less. Just so you know: I've been like this since birth, so it's not a surprise or a disease. I do know the reason, but I'm not saying :P I've tried to normalize my sleep cycle so many times, but failed miserably. So I gave up & decided to follow whatever my body wants, with some exceptions.

6. I don't exercise, that's why my stomach fat is getting bigger & bigger! O_O

7. Wikipedia is where I search firsthand for any info. The latest interesting info is about The Knights Templar.

8. Although I can be considered a techie, I'm lazy to respond to emails. I don't really chat much as well. I always prefer face-to-face hangouts or phone calls.

9. I just loooove Real Player 11, for I can download videos easily at any video sites using its "download this video" button! Totally saves my day!

10. My normal browsing mode is 2 windows & 60+ tabs at one time. Could be more tabs depending on what I'm browsing. Almost 2 months ago, I'm used to have twice the number: 4 windows and 120+ tabs open at one time! However, Firefox is slower now rather than before. I wonder why... perhaps the increasing numbers of add-ons that I have installed.

11. I'm sad that I can't go to World Youth Day, but I'll sure be shopping for their merchandise!

12. I wish there were 30 hours a day, so I can focus more of my time for my photography hobby: touching up photos & post them on Flickr & my neglected photoblog.

13. I wanna learn Japanese! I love the language (especially how it sounds), I can already read hiragana & katakana, but I hate the kanji. I'll probably just learn the spoken Japanese, so that I can understand the RAW videos :P And also I can converse with the locals when I go to Japan xD

I'll probably add more as I think of more things. Hmm... 7 am. Time to sleep! :D


"There are those relationships that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous..."
~ Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City)

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