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Finally, Java Jazz 2009 report! It took me more than a month to be able to write this entry, because I didn't really have the time (or was simply being lazy :P) to upload an important video to YouTube. I finally succeeded last nite, so here goes the report ^^

March 6 - 8 at Jakarta Convention Center

The venue is still the same as the previous years. Always getting more packed as the years go by. Always full of cigarette smoke in every corner. Always too crowded that people are jostling each other and pushing their way to get the better seats/view/spot. It became very tiring, that sometimes could beat the enjoyment of seeing the performances. That's why I usually stayed until around midnight, because there were less people after 10pm so I could breathe more freely!

This year's artists lineup is probably the worst compared to the 4 previous years! -_-
My favorite jazz artists didn't come. The hype was more towards the very popular but actually not really jazz artists, such as Jason Mraz, Brian McKnight, Peabo Bryson, etc. AND! Most of the aforementioned were only performing in special shows, meaning one has to pay extra (on top of the daily pass ticket) to see them! Since I'm not really a fan of those special show artists, I didn't see them. I actually wanted to see Laura Fygi, but her special show ticket was already sold out. Oh well.

Now, from the free performances (well, not really free, coz one has to buy a daily pass ticket to enter the venue), I only remembered one outstanding name: IVAN LINS! I was sooooo happy that there was one artist in the regular shows lineup that I'm a huge fan of! :D

At Ivan Lins' performance, I happened to video-record one song that I really like, but initially didn't know the title. I heard that song before, but because Brazillian jazz has similar vibe/rhythm, I had a hard time remembering the song titles, except for the very famous ones.

This is the recorded video:
(sorry for the low video quality. I recorded it using my tiny Leica C-Lux 1 digicam with only 3.6x optical zoom and the hall was really dark and spacious!)

After Java Jazz was over, I went on Ivan Lins discography downloading spree! *lol* I wanted to know the title of the song so badly, that I practically listened to each one of them xD Thankfully, I found it pretty quickly on his Cantando Histórias & Live in Cuba albums. The title is.... *drum rolls* .... Lua Soberana! *jumps up and down in delight*
This is perhaps the only song that I perfectly remembered from Java Jazz 2009!

My scheduled artists itinerary during those 3 days:
March 6: Ivan Lins, Alex Ligertwood (Santana) & David Garfield, Benny Likumahuwa Jazz Connection & Five Bones, Matt Bianco.
March 7: Harvey Mason Quartet, Chielli MinucciSpecial EFX, Oleta Adams (ft. Michael Paulo), Toku, Quasimode, Karizma ft. David Garfield, Ron King Big Band.
March 8: Isao Suzuki, Tom ScottPaulette McWilliams, Nita Aartsen ft. Michael Paulo, Ron King Quartet, Ron King Big Band ft. Gary Anthony, Ivan Lins.

Yes, my Java Jazz 2009 experience started with Ivan Lins and was closed by Ivan Lins ^^ Such an interesting coincidence! :3
I went with my bro everyday (my dad joined only on March 6) and met up with [livejournal.com profile] caramichi at the venue upon arrival each day.

PS: I only wanted to write a brief summary, but look at how long it became! *lol*
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Handwriting meme, stolen from [livejournal.com profile] hemisofia 

I've seen this more than a month ago, but was lazy to do one until I just remembered :P
I haven't written for the longest time, so there are of course periods of time when my handwriting was much much better than right now! xD

1. Write your LJ username
2. Write your two favorite bands/groups at the moment (not overall, just currently)
3. Write either I ♥ k-pop ; I ♥ j-pop ; I ♥ c-pop (this isn't really for anything, just to see how you draw hearts XD)
4. Write the name of your favorite person of all time.
5. Write down your recently favored person.

My handwriting has the tendency to slant a little bit to the left and the slope goes a little bit uphill.
As you can see, I draw hearts in two ways: ♥ and ♡.
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I don't know why, but I couldn't really sleep well in Singapore (but have I ever really slept well in Jakarta either? o_O *lol*). My sleeplog graphic clearly shows my severely erratic sleeptime! In truth, I could sleep better in daytime, and mostly was awake in nighttime (or slept very little, then I was awoken and couldn't go back to sleep no matter how long I stayed in bed trying to!). That was why I didn't really explore Singapore in the last 2 trips this year -_-

It's probably been a while that I never really think of Singapore as a holiday destination :P There's really not much to explore *lol* I usually just go to Singapore for culinary and shopping purposes (don't we all? xD). And also to relax & escape from the boring yet stressful routine in Jakarta.

Ah, I forgot to mention in my last entry: I brought my own bolster! xD xD
That's because my suitcase is only one third full, and still so much empty space, so I decided I wanted to sleep well with my own bolster! But I guess it didn't really make any difference for I couldn't sleep anyway *sighs*

Last night, the initial plan was to have dinner at Santouka before karaoke at Cashbox, but then the karaoke was cancelled in last minute. So my bro, my cousins (Irene & Edwin), and I headed straight to Santouka Ramen at Central, Clarke Quay. The only chicken ramen that my cousins can eat (which doesn't have pork ingredients coz they're Muslims) was sold out! So they basically just watched me & my bro eat >_ < ごめんね~~ I felt bad, obviously. After that, it was my & my bro's turn to watch them eat at Pasta de Waraku :P And to complete the Japanese culinary session, we had dessert at Azabu Sabo. Very satisfying indeed! xD

It might have been a stupid coincidence, but I left my camera's SD card in my mom's laptop last night, so I couldn't take pictures using my Leica! That was the stupid part -_-;; The coincidence is: my cousin Irene also left her Sony digicam's memory card in her apartment as well *lol* Thankfully my bro brought our Canon 30D, so we got nice photos alright ^^ All photo-related posts will be done when I'm back in Jakarta, coz it's easier to do everything in my PC instead of this tiny Kohjinsha!

Today's the last day for shopping (which I haven't done yet!), so I'm gonna head to Bugis Junction later on. The flight back to Jakarta is at 8p, so I still have plenty of time to visit Muji, Americaya shoes at BHG, and Topshop before checking out, having late lunch with my cousin Edwin (and perhaps roaming around a bit afterwards), and heading to the airport.

And now.... I'll try to have 2 hours of sleep! ~_~
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Although a bit late:

I've been in Singapore since Saturday with my family, partly spending Easter holiday and partly accompanying my bro in surveying universities for his MBA next year.

Actually I almost decided not to go. My flight was at 8.30a and we had to leave home at 6a. I went to sleep at 4a with a slight stomach ache, and was abruptly awoken at 4.45a with acute GERD attack and cold sweat due to the pain! x_X As far as I could recall, that was the second gastric colic attack I've experienced. The first one led me to ER in the middle of the night for BuscopanZantac injections. This time I woke my mom (who's a medical doctor) to ask for medications, but there was no sign of Buscopan or Librax at home. So I had to make do with hot water and Pankreoflat. Initially we planned to stop by the ER at Medistra hospital for quick injection en route to the airport, but then the pain slowly subdued and we headed straight to the airport instead. I've been keeping my activity in Singapore low & eating very carefully due to the problematic stomach.

Ibis on Bencoolen is minimalist, compact, modern, and very clean! The rooms might be too small for everyone's liking, but I don't mind it at all. I prefer new & clean hotels (albeit small) than large ones but old & dirty! There's free wifi inside every room (see this speedtest!). I've been abusing it for torrents and video downloads like there's no tomorrow *lol*

Easter Vigil mass at Novena Church (St. Alphonsus) took 2.5 hours and the ceiling/wall fans were too strong! GAH, I totally hate the winds, especially coming from fans -_- Wee Nam Kee hainanese chicken rice wasn't as good as it's always been.... whyyyyy! >_< (No, it wasn't because of my still-sensitive stomach, coz my dad also said so)

Going to Singapore is never complete without eating at No Signboard Seafood! xD So today we had lunch in its branch at 414 Geylang (supposedly the best according to locals & from our own past experiences). Too bad my stomach still wouldn't compromise, so I really had to control myself to have veeeerry little of the restaurant's most famous white pepper crab (which I REALLY LIKE! ;_;). My favorite dishes include the very tasty geoduck clam soup, white pepper crab, crayfish with mee hoon, and No Signboard special beancurd.

After visiting [livejournal.com profile] caramichi's place, we went to Takashimaya for kakigori green tea dessert at Aji Tei :9 This is another not-to-miss place to eat when in Singapore! xD Although my Royce chocolate stock is somewhat still complete, I bought the nutty bar chocolate and potatochip chocolate ^^ And you know what.... the Royce shopping bag with the chocolate boxes was left in the taxi on our way to the hotel!! o_O;; But luckily my bro took the driver's name card, so the taxi delivered the bag to Ibis! THANK YOU SO MUCH, Mr. Kind Taxi Driver! m(._.)m  To think that I almost lost S$40 worth of chocolates...! ;_;
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Dear friendslist,

If you haven't already, do backup your LJ!
Well, in truth, I only read that FAQ link, skipped it, & searched for other methods instead *lol*

I stumbled upon very helpful tutorials and found a couple of nifty tools for backing up LJ.

The great tutorials:
1. Backing up your LJ: a guide for Windows users (thank you [info]brown_betty)
2. How to Back-Up Your LJ (thank you [info]liz_marcs)

The best backup tools:
1. ljArchive (see [livejournal.com profile] ljarchive for updates)
2. LJ Backup (see [livejournal.com profile] ljbackup_dev for updates)
3. LJ-Sec (see [livejournal.com profile] ljsec for updates)
4. LJ Migrate (check out the tutorial)

I only use the first three, because the 4th one uses Python and I'm too lazy to learn it :P
From the three above, my favorite is ljArchive. It lets you archive communities as well (provided you have posting access). How nifty! Oh, and let's not forget the sync ability! I just love it! ♥♥♥

This whole backup awareness all started because of the oh so many computer mishaps in the last two months, and I've become very aware of backing up my online & offline data as a result.
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I fell in love with this song when I heard it for the first time half a year ago.
I sang this song whenever I go for J-karaoke.
And today upon seeing this video, I fell in love with it all over again ♥

Precious One always touches my heart...

Go download it here (thank you so much for subbing it!)


作詞(Lyrics): 新美香・白井裕紀
作曲(Composition): 三上吉直
編曲(Arrangement): ha-j

Time goes by僕らは いくつもの出会いと別れをくり返す
Here I am 誰かの 優しさに甘えて何かを見失った
今 過ぎ去った季節を数え 1人きりの夜何を思う?

Sometime時になぜか 胸に迫るloneliness
I don't want to be all alone 切なくて
One dayいつの日にか 見つかるさprecious one
空見上げれば ほらね ひとつのshining star

Tell me whyどうして 僕たちはこんなに愛を求めるのかな?
Ahh… 星空は正直だね 優しくきらめき夜を飾る

Somewhereどこかにいる 大切なonly one
You're not all alone anymore 1人じゃない
Somedayいつか会える 運命のsomeone you'll love
ふと気がつけば ほらね 君のそばにいる

たとえmillion years時が過ぎても
We never change No worries You'll be alright
Your precious only one必ず出会えるさ
One day you'll findこの地球(ほし)で I believe in love

Sometime時になぜか 胸に迫るloneliness
I don't want to be all alone 切なくて
Somewhereどこかにいる 大切なonly one
You're not all alone anymore 1人じゃない

Somedayいつか会える 運命のsomeone you love
ふと気がつけば ほらね 君のそばにいる
You'll meet your only one

Somewhereどこかにいる 大切なonly one
You're not all alone anymore 1人じゃない
Sometime時になぜか 胸に迫るloneliness
I don't want to be all alone only one

(lyric snatched from here)
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It's April Fool's day! ^ω^
March went by too fast, I almost didn't notice xD

My computer came back home last Saturday night after being repaired by my cousin (ありがとうございました m(._.)m). I spent the weekend night reinstalling all program files from scratch (because XP was reinstalled, so basically the C drive only had Windows XP SP 2 and Kaspersky... and nothing else -_-) until morning came. Chatted with a few friends while doing so. Reached 60% done when I went to sleep at 9a (on Sunday). Continued the reinstallations upon waking up. And when the weekend was over, I felt good because the whole process could reach 70% done in only one day ^^

By the way, this might sound unnecessary, but I'm tracking my sleep at Yawnlog since March 1st! xD My sleep cycle is totally messed up... as always! *lol*

I've been catching up with manga scanlations download after almost 1.5 years not doing so :P Countless manga to download! *_* I'm now dying to know the ending to Penguin Revolution. 1 more volume to go, please scanlate it asap *begs*

Last Monday I and [livejournal.com profile] caramichi had lunch at Pizza Marzano and computer session with tea at Starbucks, City Lofts. We picked that place because of the free wifi (well, obviously :P). It was our last hangout session before she moved to Singapore for college next week. がんばってね!

Tonight [info]nefretiriii and I are gonna have ramen dinner at Sing Sing Ramen, followed by karaoke session at Doremido ☆(^○^)☆
Can't waaiiiiitttt!
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Hellooooo from Jakarta! Yes, I'm back from Semarang xD

I had wanted to sleep early last night, so that I could wake up early, but I ended up watching The Transporter on TV with my bro till 1am :P Then, starting from 3am, I was awoken every once in a while (about 3-4 times, I recall), each time after an intercessory dream *sighs* So tired! >_<

I met [livejournal.com profile] utaoutao around 10a at Horison Hotel (where I stayed at), had breakfast at Malabar coffee shop and chatted until 11.30a. The topic is of course not far from Japan and the J-entertainment world (specifically JE)! xD Here's [livejournal.com profile] utaoutao and me (I failed at the attempted Japanese peace sign! Mine just doesn't look Japanese :P). Pinaaaa, teach me! ^^

After she left, we had our last culinary sessions before going back to Jakarta, starting from pepes kodok at Warung Untung, soto ayam Selan, lumpia Gang Lombok, and es campur Gang Lombok. Wanted to have the praline mochaccino ice cream at Lind's again for the last time, but not enough time :P We had to flee to the airport (thank God we already checked in this morning at the Garuda city check-in counter inside our hotel!).

The flight was at 3.05 pm, boarding at 2.45p, and we arrived at the airport at 2.45p (and still could drop our luggages)! *lol* Yesss, you can definitely do this in Semarang! xD The plane will wait for you! A few years ago, my mom and I had the plane wait for us about 15-20 minutes, because we bought takeaway bakmi Hapkie near the airport for my bro & dad! *lol* The instant we safely got inside the plane, it drove on like a bus xD It was really hilarious!!

Jakarta is as crowded and jammed as always when we arrived. We got our share of rain & thunderstorm, when we finished dinner at Pondok Ayam Kabita en route home. We also got around 30-minute share of electricity being down when we got home! -_- I was getting ready to sleep without air conditioner, when the power suddenly went up! Thank God *phew* After coming from the very hot and humid Semarang, I definitely need to snuggle inside my comforter in a cool temperature!

As always I wanted to sleep early for I was really drowsy, but instead I chatted with friends, caught up with J-download, and wrote this entry ^^
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Yes, that's what I always do whenever I go to Semarang. In fact, that's the only activity in this tiny city! The distance from one place to another is too close, it always takes too short of a time, totally the contrary of Jakarta xD I often found myself with nothing else to do before the next food session :D Thank God for BlackBerry, I wasn't too bored!

So I had culinary trips today: breakfast of nasi liwet in front of St. Joseph elementary, lunch at Warung Mak Tompo (opposite of Koh Liem), early dinner at Lind's Cafe (praline mochaccino ice cream, of course!), dinner with my cousin at Pesta Keboen, continued by dessert at Lind's Cafe (yes, the same ice cream again xD).

Tomorrow morning I'm planning to meet [livejournal.com profile] utaoutao. Hopefully we can wake up early :D Gonna be the last day in Semarang, so more culinary trips in order before our 3p flight tomorrow ^^

And here are the photos at Lind's of my cousin and I, taken by my bro.

cousins at lin.jpg
cousins at lin-1.jpg

BlackBerry is love ♥
Sent from the awesome elyseberry ☆
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Trying out the awesome LJ email post via BlackBerry like [livejournal.com profile] nefretiriii did here in her entry (thanks a lot for the instructions, Mel!). I totally agree with her BB vs iPhone rant there xD

I'm in Semarang now, accompanying my mom on her dad's grave yearly visit (aka Ceng Beng / Qing Ming), with my bro since yesterday. Today is a national holiday ^^

The night before our 1p plane trip to Semarang, I didn't sleep at all. Instead, I watched Voice until episode 10 (and skimmed through the last episode, although the subtitle is not out yet, because I was curious to know the ending :D). As usual since the beginning, I cried in (almost) every episode (!!), because each story is really touching and it makes me think a lot about life (and death). Because of that, my sinusitis (which is in the recovery stage) came back to haunt me during the plane ride and in this cold hotel room (although the temp is set to 27°C!).

Having no sleep at all the night before really made me drowsy, so I literally crashed bed upon arriving in this hot & humid city yesterday afternoon. We managed to stop by Tan Goei restaurant (at jl. Tanjung 25) to buy takeaway food en route to the hotel, because we planned to stay in and took a (long) nap. Turned out it wasn't a nap afterall, for I slept from 6p to 2.30a! *lol*
Had late supper/early breakfast at 3a, and now I'm typing all this before (hopefully) going back to sleep. 5 am already, but still sleepy...

BlackBerry is love ♥
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Time flies too fast! It's already past the third week of March O_O

21 March: Happy 3rd Birthday, Twitter!
22 March: Happy 3rd Anniversary, KAT-TUN! (therefore, a Jin avatar! xD)


Before [livejournal.com profile] caramichi moved to Singapore for college, we wanted to enjoy ourselves with everything Japanese. Hence we had all you can eat lunch at Poke Sushi and 3-hour karaoke at Doremido.  In truth, we both were still recovering from the flu virus, so it was a pretty funny sight in which my brother laughed at: we both sang with coarse voice & blocked nose due to sinusitis, sneezed and coughed every once in a while, and flipped through the songbook in an attempt to read the dreadful kanji o_O All at the same time, just like twins! *lol*

I'm still craving for more karaoke, so I'm gonna drag another friend to Doremido next week or so ^^ And of course I will try the karaoke place [livejournal.com profile] hemisofia went to last weekend when I go to Singapore next month or so.


I really love the all you can eat lunch at Samudra Shark's Fin, Mulia Hotel. For less than Rp. 70,000++, we can have so many selections of yummy appetizer, soup, dim sum, main course, dessert, drink..... and of course, as many crabs as I can take xD The deep fried crab with salt & pepper, the steamed garoupa fish, and the asparagus tofu with crab roe soup are to die for! :9 My mom, her 3 guests, and I just had a lunch feast last Friday. They didn't even charge us for the leftovers (and yet so many of them, coz we ordered too much :P).

Apparently not enough crabs, the next day my friends and I had seafood dinner at Pondok Latansa, Kelapa Gading. Cheap seafood, yummy taste, couldn't ask for more! As we are crab lovers, the seven of us ordered 4 portions of large crabs :9 I 'm really crab-fully satisfied this week! xD After the seafood feast, I tried the green tea shot at Cafe du Chocolat. Love it lots!


Computer got virus attack last Sunday early morning! >_<
In truth, it was my fault. I wanted to search for mIRC keygen & I deliberately disabled Kaspersky when I downloaded the keygen. Turned out, it was a trojan and it's already too late when I activated Kaspersky in an attempt to clean it. The virus already spreaded and even disabled my Kaspersky & some other apps. I tried to restart, but it wouldn't enter Windows, wouldn't enter safe mode, and kept on restarting itself. Frantically, I called my good friend in the US. He told me I got boot sector virus! Eeeep >_<
I sent it to my cousin (who works in IT) that afternoon. I don't understand hardwares, so it's better if I don't try to fix it myself for it might get worse.

*sigh* 2 computer mishaps in less than 2 months! @_@ I just hope my cousin can save it without reinstalling XP *prays hard* I don't want to go through the pain of reinstalling all program files & restoring all the settings & data one by one all over again! A week of doing so had only taken me to 70% done. Before I could continue, I already had to have it fixed yet again.
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During the last computer mishaps, my last entry: Firefox add-ons & Greasemonkey scripts has proven to be VERY useful. Now I'm doing the same for the most necessary must-have Thunderbird add-ons I regularly use.


Contacts Sidebar
GMail UI
Google Contacts
Mail Redirect
Remove Duplicate Messages
Signature Switch

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I find it a lot easier to wrap up what happened in a week at the end of the week ^^ So I'm gonna do this whenever nothing special that deserves its own topic comes to mind, or I'm just plain lazy :P

'゚★。 FLU '゚☆。

I've been struck down by the flu virus (chronic pharyngitis, sinusitis, malaise, myalgia, fatigue, cough, ... you name it!) since exactly a week ago, so I was mostly home, sleeping like a baby (more than 12 hours daily) in the hope of recovering asap. I also postponed a few meetings and basically just stayed home. I'm still in the recovery process now, although I've taken antibiotics since day 1! Sure takes a long time ~_~

I think the peak of my fatigueness was during the Java Jazz weekend (March 6-8) where I mostly stayed until after midnight. The next day (March 9) was actually a holiday, but my community had a one-on-one follow-up interview meeting for the spiritual gifts assessment session we had last Feb 22, so I still couldn't rest well that day. Thus I couldn't defend myself from the attack of the flu virus the next day o_O

In my 1st week of march: quick update entry, I purposely picked the "I need a break" icon and look how I got the break alright from this flu :P Be careful with what you wished for! xD

'゚★。 TECHIE '゚☆。

And because I had lots of free time at home, when I felt better I finally plugged in my abandoned CPU and started my techie chores of reinstalling all program files from scratch. Imagine you have a brand new PC, with only windows XP and Kaspersky anti virus installed! >_< It took me days and countless restarts to get into acceptable state (70% done). I'm not finished yet, btw. I'm still downloading new files and need to install a couple more things.

This is the worst part: I did ask my cousin to backup 2 important things on C:\, which is the Application Data folder and Fleur de Lis videos (which is OK if he forgot, coz I have them all on DVD). He backed up the videos, but either forgot or skipped the App Data, which is the most important thing! The last time I backed up the App Data was Aug 2008, so in total I lost 6+ months worth of emails & attachments, all of Firefox and other programs' settings & data! *sobs* I will definitely back up my App Data at least once a month from now on!

The first thing I did after reinstalling Thunderbird was to move the email folders to drive E. It's much safer this way, rather than having the emails on App Data folder.

Thank God for Gmail Backup, ImportExportTools, and Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer, they totally save my day!
Most of my emails are back and my bookmark is restored from the server backup!

'゚★。 "GIFT" '゚☆。

I watched Push last weekend, and although we sat in the very front row (in the middle, no less!) of the movie theater, I like it lots. Perhaps because it reminds me of my own (psychic, if you may call it) ability, although I'm nowhere near Cassie or her mom's ability (and honestly speaking, I don't want to be like them! o_O).

The interview last Monday (March 9) kind of serves as a start mark of my commitment to share more to those in need of my discernment. Who knows it might be a blessing (or not), depending on how one takes it afterwards. I'm sorry if I'm not making any sense; only those who know my gift/ability understand what I'm talking about (or you may simply ask :D).

I did try to deliver two different messages to two different persons after that day, and those two confirmed the messages right away. So thank you, you know who you are, for confirming. It gives me the strength and affirmation to keep doing this in the future.


Java Jazz report coming up... when I feel like writing about it ^^;
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I got this wonderful hair tips from Angela Karto at Jakarta Social Blog. I've been following the "last rinse with cold water" faithfully after reading it, and boy, I can totally see the result! My hair is now shining naturally ^^

Note: the "I" speaking in this article is Angela Karto. I will be commenting in some of the tips in italics (after ♥).

I don't dye my hair except for once when I was in high school. Thinking it was so cool to have blonde hair only to have to dye back to black the next day because I got suspended by the head master and to top things off, I was then grounded for a month by my unimpressed oldies.

Hair dye contains harsh chemical which could also lead to unhealthy scalp but if you do dye your hair then make sure you go for salon hair spa treatments or I love hot oil home treatments which softens my coarse hair up instantly.
♥ Oooh, I couldn't agree more! I never dye my hair for the same reason.

I don't use any specific brand of shampoo or conditioner as I constantly switch brands but I always make sure that it does not contain high level of lauryl sulfate. It's not about the brand of the products or how much it costs; it's finding products that works for your hair and life-style. Right now I'm using Pantene for hair fall (because it was on special offer), it leaves my hair soft and smooth but sadly it doesn't really help with the hair fall that I'm going through right now.

Each time after I swim in the sea or pool, I'll always make sure to wash my hair thoroughly to remove all traces of chlorine and seawater that dries hair.

I never wash my hair with hot water. During winter of course I do but I'll make sure the last rinse is with cold water to close up the pores and makes your hair shine naturally. But I swear by using cold mineral water as your last rinse. You can really feel and see the difference.
♥ I've been doing this for a week, and the result shows up almost instantly. I always take a bath with hot water, but I give the last rinse of cold water to my hair & face to close up the pores.

Don't tie your hair up for too long because it weakens your roots and leaves an unsightly mark. Don't wear caps for too often and make sure you take it off once in a while if you sweat. Exhibit A - Andre Agassi, need I say more?

Bun your hair up and try to wear a hat while tanning or doing activities under the sun as it'll lighten your hair color. Always brush your hair from the bottom first and gradually move up to reduce hair fall.

Oily scalp doesn't always mean you have to wash your hair more often. It could also mean your scalp is very dry and the glands are over compensating for it.

To get volume for lanky hair, tilt your head downwards and alternate your hair dryer between hot and cold air but don't aim the nozzle too close to your hair. Reduce the use of hair spray or any hair products that contains alcohol as it will dry out your hair and scalp.

Stay away from curling or straightening irons as they 'cook' your hair and will cause it to break.
♥ Yes, very true! I never curl my hair because I love my natural hair. But once or twice my (already straight) hair was straightened using the straightening iron and I really hated that! Never again! O_O

On most days I'll let my hair dry naturally and I'll only go to salon to blow dry my hair for special events.
♥ I rarely go to salon to blow dry my hair, except for very few special occasions. If I need to blow dry my hair, I usually do it at home (although very rarely as well, as I like to let my hair dry naturally).

I have a few gray strands now and the oldies weren't lying when they say if I pluck them, more will just grow back to mock you!
♥ I do have very few gray strands and I must try hard to control myself from plucking 'em! >_<

Credit: Up Close & Personal with Angela Karto.
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Since coming home from the hospital last Sunday (March 1), I've been extremely tired & fatigue that I hardly have energy to do something productive. I guess having been alert in the hospital for one week has drained the energy from my body (which in general has low immune system) and has increased my serotonin level. And after a full week of living in that condition, when I came back home, everything dropped back to normal (as well as the serotonin level) and I could totally feel the fatigueness afterwards.

I thought I could rest this week, but I had an average of 2 meetings everyday that mostly started from after lunch until around midnight. I mostly arrived home well after midnight. So to be honest, I haven't had time to really rest well to recover my exhausted body. I don't even have the strength to do anything other than regular computer stuff (still using my office CPU, although my CPU has been lying around for 2 weeks after being repaired by my cousin!), regular work & meeting preparation stuff, and regular community stuff.

I did have at least 6-7 hours of sleep every night, but somehow I never felt revived, and I even had a hard time waking up altogether. Oh, let's not forget the restless, waking-up-every-once-in-a-while-with-weird-vivid-dreams quality of sleep every night! In fact, I felt even more drained because of that! ~_~


Although my CPU is back, I need to reinstall every programs that I regularly use, because Windows XP was reinstalled after the last mishap, so the C drive in my CPU is empty right now! I just don't have the energy to do it, because I know that once I do it, I'm gonna do it until all programs are reinstalled. I'm not gonna stop until everything has taken into place like it once was. That means I need more than just a few hours (and most probably will lose sleep), because I need to put back all the lost files & settings (esp. those in Application Data in C:\). I'm gonna do it next week the soonest, after I have at least one full day free of any meetings and I can totally relax!


This weekend, albeit a long weekend (Monday - March 9 - is a holiday), I can't really rest because of the 3 days Java Jazz Festival ^^; As tired as I may be, I definitely won't miss it!
More stories about JJF after it's over this Sunday. I'm gonna recap the jazz report in one entry ^^

Now what I need is to crash bed! おやすみぃ〜(∪。∪)。。。zzzZZZ
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A personality test just for fun: Get to know yourself better!

Here's my result:

Your view on yourself:
You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:
You are very serious about relationships and aren't interested in wasting time with people you don't really like. If you meet the right person, you will fall deeply and beautifully in love.

Your views on education
You may not like to study but you have many practical ideas. You listen to your own instincts and tend to follow your heart, so you will probably end up with an unusual job.

The right job for you:
You have many goals and want to achieve as much as you can. The jobs you enjoy are those that let you burn off your considerable excess energy.

How do you view success:
You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.

What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:
You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.

Although not all are correct, the result is not bad at all ^^

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What's the story behind your username?

Ah yes, I had wanted to write the background story of Lisette, but never got around to do it till I saw this question. Thank you, Writer's Block! :D

I have used the nickname Lisette for a long, long time. I think I started using it since more than 10 years ago, when I was in my senior year of high school (1996-1997), I used it for my IRC handle/nickname.

The story behind it goes like this:
I was an avid historical romance novels reader during high school, blame it to a few friends who got me to liking 'em. But thanks to them, my English improved a lot, because the vocabularies were oh so difficult! ^^
So one day I read Linda Lael Miller's vampire series novels: Forever and the Night (1993), For All Eternity (1994), Time Without End (1995), Tonight and Always (1996). Lisette is a character (the queen of vampires) in Forever and the Night and For All Eternity. Albeit she's an antagonist character, I fell in love with the name ^^; So I started using the name for my pseudonym from then on! xD

At first, most people I met online (through IRC, ICQ, and my then-website ikkoku.net; before the LJ era) knew me by the nickname Lisette. Only a few knew my real name.

Since about 6 years ago, though, I came up with another nickname. Because Lisette is a common Western female name, I found that many times the username Lisette was already taken. So I searched the Kabalarians for a French female name and liked Flavenne. It's a rather unique name, and I can always sign up with that name (it's never taken!), hence I tend to use Flavenne more than Lisette.

Nowadays, I mostly use either Elyse or Flavenne for my username. I kinda neglect Lisette, actually >_< But I never stop liking Lisette, and sometimes still use it as pseudonym whenever I want to conceal my real name.
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ただいまー! ★***\(^O^)/*** ★
Got home 2 hours ago; done with unpacking and organizing stuff in my bedroom. Fatigue and sleepy, but couldn't sleep right away. So naturally I browse, with Fire.fm playing the station of David Benoit's similar artists.

Oooh, so many interesting upcoming dorama this spring!
(from Jdrama Weblog & DramaWiki at D-Addicts)

Dorama watch list:

Tanpatsu watch list:
That reminds me: I have to check for the torrents of winter 2009 tanpatsu at d-addicts!
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Finally, mom is discharged tomorrow (Sunday) morning! ばんざーい!☆ \(@^0^@)/ ♪~
We're going home at last! I'm so happy I could dance ~~
└(^^*)┐ ┌(*^^)┘└(^^*)┐ ┌(*^^)┘
Did you see me dancing? *lol*

During this one week in the hospital, I went home once last Thursday, spending a very precious one night (only 12 hours) before going back to the hospital again. My bro substituted me that night. It was very refreshing, being able to sleep on my own comfy bed, after spending 4 straight nights at the hospital.

Actually we're not planning to go straight home after being discharged. We plan to have lunch, followed by a relaxing body massage (oh yes!!), and Sunday mass at Canisius Chapel, 6pm. After that, we'll have dinner at Pand'Or (because my mom wants to buy their delicious Carousel so much!) before we go home ^^
I wanted to sleep all day long on Monday, but I have 2 meetings that day. Oh well, can't slack off all the time :P

Right now I'm sleepless, most probably because I'm excited to finally leave this hospital! xD
And even though I've eaten lots, I'm still hungry and been eating every 2-3 hours since this afternoon! This is baaad...

Oh! And just when I was about to leave, somehow the wifi signal is getting better and better in this hospital room! It's been showing 5 bars (full signal) the whole day today, although with some disconnections in between. Up until yesterday, the highest signal I got in the room was 3-4 bars. But I'm not gonna miss it, coz there's still nothing better than being home! (And plus, I have 2 internet connections I can abuse at home xD)
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Since Feb 22, I miss:
  • The Academy Award!
  • Fangirling in LJ. I have to read all entries since Feb 21. Lots of things to catch up (and download :P)!
  • My dear computer. My cousin has returned my computer on Feb 20, but since my schedule was really packed on Feb 21 and 22, and I stayed at the hospital since Feb 22, I didn't touch it yet. Not until next week, I suppose.
  • My bed & the smell of home! Well I did bring my pillows & bolster to the hospital, but it just never feels the same sleeping on the sofabed compared to my dear comfy bed.
  • Torrent downloads from D-Addicts since Feb 21.


"There are those relationships that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous..."
~ Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City)

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