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When you have to study or get work done, what music (if any) do you put on to help you concentrate?

You might be surprised with my answer, coming from someone with a strong music background throughout her whole life.

I don't listen to ANY music while I study or get work done. In fact, if my ears catch the sound of music playing, be it in the background or not, I can't really concentrate and thus can't study or get work done! I might even move to a peaceful place with NO MUSIC at all so I can concentrate better and resume my work/study. I just love silence too much! (That's why I love the night ^^)

I know that's really weird, because music has been a huge part of my life until now. I played the classical piano since 5 years old, non-stop until I graduated high school and went to university. I was introduced to jazz in univ & have since become an avid jazz aficionado until today. My work since 2003 is very much music-related (I'm a music organizer). So I've never been apart from music since I was 5, but I can't listen to music while also doing important things! I think I know why, though. It's because of my deep music influence... that if I hear the faintest music playing, my mind would focus on music instead of what I'm doing xD

My ears are very sensitive, so I can catch the slightest sound of music playing in the far background and can focus on it right away. That's why, whenever I need to concentrate on something very serious (& esp. to get important work done), I really despise it if someone ignorantly plays music (esp. if the music is not to my liking!) without considering that it could be annoying to others.

Bottom line is: I love music so much and it's a huge part of my life. But I'm very picky in what I consider GREAT music! So I don't appreciate if anyone puts music loudly in private areas (unless that area is yours to begin with, like in your car, your house, etc) & thus in a way forcing everyone to hear it. Same thing with websites that have music playing automatically without the option to mute it! Thanks, but I'm not interested in your music! >_<
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