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Just had another karaoke session with [livejournal.com profile] nefretiriii last weekend and found two great things!

The first is our dinner at Marufuku (inside Plaza Melawai complex). OMG, it's SO HEAVENLY GOOD and worth the money so much that I'm coming back again tonight! xD Everything is delicious, from the sushi to the shabu shabu Maezawa beef! :9 とてもおいしいかったよ!

shabu shabu maezawa beef :9 (by elyse.)
Taken by my BB Bold camera, so not of the greatest quality, obviously. But it looks good nonetheless! :9

In my last karaoke entry, I wrote that Doremido is missing J-songs from mid 2006 - mid 2008. Apparently I was wrong! It started from me getting bored of singing the same songs I had been singing in all of my previous karaoke sessions. Thus I was trying to find KAT-TUN songs I just heard / gotten myself familiar with from the Queen of Pirates Concert I watched the day before, using DAM remote with the most complete song database. I now can do a search by myself using the remote, YAY! xD

Turned out, I found so many songs from mid 2006 - mid 2008!! However, some of the songs can't be played (I guess Doremido either missed those songs or deliberately didn't download them). Two songs I had wanted to sing aren't there: Mother/Father (KAT-TUN) and Voice Link (Fujiki Naohito). But the other 10 or so songs are there, so I'm happy! o(>▽<)o

After I got back home, I stumbled upon a blog that gives a link to DAM complete song database. Oooh, that really helps a lot! Now I can search for song numbers before karaoke sessions, which will save a lot of time previously spent for searching the songs, YAY! ☆(^○^)☆
This DAM machine system is really slick! Wherever you are, if the J-karaoke place you go is using the DAM system, the song numbers will always be the same. So nifty and helpful, indeed, especially when I go to Japan again one day and have karaoke sessions there! xD I could just input the song numbers directly~~~!!

This weekend, [livejournal.com profile] utaoutao is coming to Jakarta again & of course we're gonna have another 日本 night: karaoke & GOOD food! (^∇^)♪


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