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I really should be sleeping, but after a marathon of watching KAT-TUN Queen of Pirates Concert, I got adrenalin rush instead! xD

I want to highlight a couple of things from this awesome concert (I wish I were there! But have I been a Jin fangirl during this concert last year? I think I haven't or just barely started!):

1. Jin dear, you didn't have to remind your fans how great your voice is, really! 
Poor him, he was already so tired from dancing oh so sexily in Love Juice, but then he sang the opening of Bokura no Machi de acappella and WITHOUT MICROPHONE, OMG!!! ♥♥♥

Do see this, you'll be in awe of how awesome his raw voice is!!!
(Turn your speaker volume up when he took off his microphone)

2. Jin's dance on Love Juice is 100% YUMMY! No, really. I've always loved to see him putting so much effort in his dance. And Love Juice is where you can see his 100% effort! No wonder he was panting so much after that song. And yet, he pushed himself to the max by singing Bokura no Machi de (see above) without a microphone!!! ♥_♥
Btw, I don't particularly like moon walk dance, but when it's Jin who did it.... it's just ラブ!

3. Yamapi (the special guest) really didn't wanna be more than 2 metres away from Jin, AWWWW! Mabudachi rabu! xD They kept gazing into each other, toooo! *glomps them both* I really love their friendship! ♥
Btw, Yamapi was following Jin wherever he went, as if he didn't know what to do if Jin wasn't there! xD I find it too funny, Pi's just like a puppy *lol*

4. Pi has always been a very polite person, and thus he failed while trying to be like KAT-TUN (read: using slang much) :D

5. As much as I like Jin speaking English, his swore during Six Senses is a bit... um... inappropriate >_< But I forgave him immediately after his sexy dance in the middle of the song! xD

6. Ueda sang Mother/Father very nicely. But I might be biased since Mother/Father is my ichiban daisuki KAT-TUN song!

7. A lot of shouting! I wonder how they managed to maintain their voice for the next day's performance (although this DVD was the last day of their concerts in Tokyo Dome, but I'm sure they had been shouting much in the previous days of concerts, as well!).
But I love to see Yamapi shouting for a change. He's always sooo well behaved in NEWS! I wanna see him breaking out all the politeness for once xD

8. I fell in love with Crazy Love all over again after watching this! On the second line, in the word "nani mo", Jin sounded like he was about to cry ;_;
I know a friend whose love story is reflected pretty accurately in this song, so I dedicate this song for him & his ex-girlfriend :) It was a sad love story, though. Crazy Love is the correct title, methinks ^^

As you might expect, coming from a Jin fan like me, the highlights that I remember are (almost) all about Jin (and Yamapi)! xD

Download the full concert from here (MQ) or here (HQ).
The subtitles can be found here.

For more detailed review (with screencaps), check this post!

Credits: [livejournal.com profile] jone_records, [profile] jin_no_yume, [livejournal.com profile] pinkujisatsu, [livejournal.com profile] newshfan, [livejournal.com profile] ihearyourtears 


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