Apr. 20th, 2009

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Finally, Java Jazz 2009 report! It took me more than a month to be able to write this entry, because I didn't really have the time (or was simply being lazy :P) to upload an important video to YouTube. I finally succeeded last nite, so here goes the report ^^

March 6 - 8 at Jakarta Convention Center

The venue is still the same as the previous years. Always getting more packed as the years go by. Always full of cigarette smoke in every corner. Always too crowded that people are jostling each other and pushing their way to get the better seats/view/spot. It became very tiring, that sometimes could beat the enjoyment of seeing the performances. That's why I usually stayed until around midnight, because there were less people after 10pm so I could breathe more freely!

This year's artists lineup is probably the worst compared to the 4 previous years! -_-
My favorite jazz artists didn't come. The hype was more towards the very popular but actually not really jazz artists, such as Jason Mraz, Brian McKnight, Peabo Bryson, etc. AND! Most of the aforementioned were only performing in special shows, meaning one has to pay extra (on top of the daily pass ticket) to see them! Since I'm not really a fan of those special show artists, I didn't see them. I actually wanted to see Laura Fygi, but her special show ticket was already sold out. Oh well.

Now, from the free performances (well, not really free, coz one has to buy a daily pass ticket to enter the venue), I only remembered one outstanding name: IVAN LINS! I was sooooo happy that there was one artist in the regular shows lineup that I'm a huge fan of! :D

At Ivan Lins' performance, I happened to video-record one song that I really like, but initially didn't know the title. I heard that song before, but because Brazillian jazz has similar vibe/rhythm, I had a hard time remembering the song titles, except for the very famous ones.

This is the recorded video:
(sorry for the low video quality. I recorded it using my tiny Leica C-Lux 1 digicam with only 3.6x optical zoom and the hall was really dark and spacious!)

After Java Jazz was over, I went on Ivan Lins discography downloading spree! *lol* I wanted to know the title of the song so badly, that I practically listened to each one of them xD Thankfully, I found it pretty quickly on his Cantando Histórias & Live in Cuba albums. The title is.... *drum rolls* .... Lua Soberana! *jumps up and down in delight*
This is perhaps the only song that I perfectly remembered from Java Jazz 2009!

My scheduled artists itinerary during those 3 days:
March 6: Ivan Lins, Alex Ligertwood (Santana) & David Garfield, Benny Likumahuwa Jazz Connection & Five Bones, Matt Bianco.
March 7: Harvey Mason Quartet, Chielli MinucciSpecial EFX, Oleta Adams (ft. Michael Paulo), Toku, Quasimode, Karizma ft. David Garfield, Ron King Big Band.
March 8: Isao Suzuki, Tom ScottPaulette McWilliams, Nita Aartsen ft. Michael Paulo, Ron King Quartet, Ron King Big Band ft. Gary Anthony, Ivan Lins.

Yes, my Java Jazz 2009 experience started with Ivan Lins and was closed by Ivan Lins ^^ Such an interesting coincidence! :3
I went with my bro everyday (my dad joined only on March 6) and met up with [livejournal.com profile] caramichi at the venue upon arrival each day.

PS: I only wanted to write a brief summary, but look at how long it became! *lol*


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