Mar. 11th, 2009

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I got this wonderful hair tips from Angela Karto at Jakarta Social Blog. I've been following the "last rinse with cold water" faithfully after reading it, and boy, I can totally see the result! My hair is now shining naturally ^^

Note: the "I" speaking in this article is Angela Karto. I will be commenting in some of the tips in italics (after ♥).

I don't dye my hair except for once when I was in high school. Thinking it was so cool to have blonde hair only to have to dye back to black the next day because I got suspended by the head master and to top things off, I was then grounded for a month by my unimpressed oldies.

Hair dye contains harsh chemical which could also lead to unhealthy scalp but if you do dye your hair then make sure you go for salon hair spa treatments or I love hot oil home treatments which softens my coarse hair up instantly.
♥ Oooh, I couldn't agree more! I never dye my hair for the same reason.

I don't use any specific brand of shampoo or conditioner as I constantly switch brands but I always make sure that it does not contain high level of lauryl sulfate. It's not about the brand of the products or how much it costs; it's finding products that works for your hair and life-style. Right now I'm using Pantene for hair fall (because it was on special offer), it leaves my hair soft and smooth but sadly it doesn't really help with the hair fall that I'm going through right now.

Each time after I swim in the sea or pool, I'll always make sure to wash my hair thoroughly to remove all traces of chlorine and seawater that dries hair.

I never wash my hair with hot water. During winter of course I do but I'll make sure the last rinse is with cold water to close up the pores and makes your hair shine naturally. But I swear by using cold mineral water as your last rinse. You can really feel and see the difference.
♥ I've been doing this for a week, and the result shows up almost instantly. I always take a bath with hot water, but I give the last rinse of cold water to my hair & face to close up the pores.

Don't tie your hair up for too long because it weakens your roots and leaves an unsightly mark. Don't wear caps for too often and make sure you take it off once in a while if you sweat. Exhibit A - Andre Agassi, need I say more?

Bun your hair up and try to wear a hat while tanning or doing activities under the sun as it'll lighten your hair color. Always brush your hair from the bottom first and gradually move up to reduce hair fall.

Oily scalp doesn't always mean you have to wash your hair more often. It could also mean your scalp is very dry and the glands are over compensating for it.

To get volume for lanky hair, tilt your head downwards and alternate your hair dryer between hot and cold air but don't aim the nozzle too close to your hair. Reduce the use of hair spray or any hair products that contains alcohol as it will dry out your hair and scalp.

Stay away from curling or straightening irons as they 'cook' your hair and will cause it to break.
♥ Yes, very true! I never curl my hair because I love my natural hair. But once or twice my (already straight) hair was straightened using the straightening iron and I really hated that! Never again! O_O

On most days I'll let my hair dry naturally and I'll only go to salon to blow dry my hair for special events.
♥ I rarely go to salon to blow dry my hair, except for very few special occasions. If I need to blow dry my hair, I usually do it at home (although very rarely as well, as I like to let my hair dry naturally).

I have a few gray strands now and the oldies weren't lying when they say if I pluck them, more will just grow back to mock you!
♥ I do have very few gray strands and I must try hard to control myself from plucking 'em! >_<

Credit: Up Close & Personal with Angela Karto.


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