Jan. 6th, 2009

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This is my third (and last) night in Singapore, and I can't fall asleep yet. Jetlagged? Maybe. But I'm back to my 'normal' sleeping cycle :P
On the first two nights, I went to bed after 6 am, and slept all day long until dinnertime! O_O And so, I skipped shopping, eating lots, and walking around Singapore, because my whole body wanted to sleep instead!

Actually, it's good to transit in Singapore for a few days before going back to Jakarta and starting work the next day. I can rest a lot and recover my fatigue body much better here. Fighting against the insanely cold weather of wintertime in Italy & Paris has taken quadruple the energy, and thus on Jan 2 (the day I left Paris en route Singapore), my body reached its peak fatigueness. I really wonder how I had managed to survive living in the USA for 5 years before (4 years with all the snow!). Well, I did manage to get sinusitis as the result >_<

Moving on to another topic:
There's a pretty funny conversation between me and a French immigration staff at the luggage screening point in Paris Orly airport, on my way to Lourdes:

Him (while checking my hand luggage): Are you Chinese?
Me: No
Him: Nihonjin?
Me: No :D Keep guessing ~~!
Him: Korean?
Me: No
Him: Taiwanese?
Me: No

- pause for a while -

Him: Je t'aime?
Me: ...... HAA!? O_O (silently in my heart: you think I don't know what that means, huh?)
He grinned, looking satisfied that I seemed to not know the meaning.
Him: American?
Me: No, I'm not American
Finally he gave up...
Him: What nation are you from?
Me: I'm Indonesian
(Many people had said that I look very North Asian, so no wonder he guessed China / Japan / Korea / Taiwan)

Actually, when he said "je t'aime", I had wanted to reply with "je ne t'aime pas", but I totally couldn't remember it! >_< I was caught off guard and couldn't think of a good answer, for I didn't see it coming. I mean, who could've predicted that a French immigration staff would've said "je t'aime" to test my French ability? O_O
Too bad I didn't say it, because I really wanted to see the look on his face if I had replied with "je ne t'aime pas"! xD

Paris makes me want to learn French again! My 1-year of French lesson in high school has totally disappeared... leaving me with only a few words and sentences that I could still remember.


"There are those relationships that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous..."
~ Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City)

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